Amulet against the Devil Eye

If you have lately surrounded by negative people, someone who admires you superficially or that look at you with envy, then it is possible that their energies and intentions are not good for you. Sometimes it is possible to be close to these people, or after seeing them, you feel bad physically, or somehow feel weakened by their presence. This person can hold negative thoughts against you and there are all kinds of amulets for the envy that you can use to prevent its harmful effects.

Turkish evil eyeFor the evil eye protection amulet, there is nearly so long as the evil own eye and unhealthy envy. Different cultures developed large varieties of solutions, and many of them have come down to our time, and its value and effectiveness remain very powerful. Here are some useful examples of evil eye amulets for home and bad vibes.

Amulets against envy

Throw salt on the ground at the gateway, or abroad, is one of the old ways in which Europeans away the evil eye. The fact that is made up of countless grains is assumed that you create confusion in the mind of the bad sympathizer.

In Sicily, if olive oil spills, is should throw up a little salt immediately. Accidentally spilling olive oil is a very, very bad sign. Olive oil has been sacred in many cultures of the Mediterranean from thousands of years ago and that is considered a sign of bad luck to spill it.

In Italy, to ward off the evil eye in the home, when you feel that it is projected upon you, you have to make the sign of the horns pointing down with your index and pinky fingers. Sicilians not only do this but almost all Italians. Let's see some amulets to the envy of other cultures.
In Turkey are used amulets of glass blue in the form of eyes. People hang them on their front doors, they carry them as pendants and use them as key chains. Turkish Airlines even take these eyes painted on their planes. These are called Nazar Bon, blue eyes to protect against the evil eye.

All the cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East used to believe in the evil eye. The ancient Greeks and Romans, early Christians, Jews and Muslims around the world believed in it and had different amulets against envy. The effects on victims vary in different cultures. While Sicilian can be attributed to any kind of bad luck for the evil eye, and especially to olive oil, in many areas of Middle East, spilling the worst sign is diarrhea. Diarrhea of one kind or another has long been the most common cause of death in these regions.
Since many Eastern cultures believe that the damage of the evil eye is invoked by envy, their modes of speaking also carry a careful avoidance of invoking the evil eye accidentally. Rather than directly expressing appreciation of, for example, the beauty of a child, it is customary to say Masha'Allah, that is, "God has willed it", or invoking God's blessing on the object or the person who is to be admired.
The Turks tend to fix foreigners to say flattering things in a potentially dangerous way. "Masha'Allah' said immediately, to undo the damage.

The belief in the evil eye in Italy dates back to Roman times. The Romans hung pendants guards called blisters around the necks of their babies from birth. Made of gold, had the rich kids while the poor had leather bags.

Other amulets for the evil eye protection

Amulet against envy
In modern Muslim cultures, the amulet against jealousy takes the form of a blue eye since it resembles water, the ideal antidote for diarrhea and dehydration. In Turkey, it is believed that people with blue eyes have their own natural protection against the evil eye.

The Hamsa, or the hand of Fatima, is widely used as a protective amulet in the Middle East and North Africa; It has the form of the Palm of the right hand, with an eye at its Center.
In Jewish culture, this symbol has the same meaning and is called the hand of Miriam. Another amulet for the evil eye that Jews used was the shape of a fish. Apparently, is said in the Talmud that fish are immune to the evil eye dehydrant effects because they live under water.

Here concludes this article about evil eye protection amulets for home. Continue browsing this website to discover more secrets of sorcery and white magic home.

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