Home-made ritual to domain someone

Spell for domination

The domain spells are works of wizardry designed to have control over another person or exercise power over them. A spell of an absolute domain can be justified and be moral as well as ethically correct in his own perspective.

Personally, I had issues of morals with this type of work. For a long time, I avoided making them because they violated the free will of the people. After almost twenty years of working my mind has changed and now I understand that domain spells are a must for practitioners of sorcery. Let's be honest, if a person is too good then people will use and abuse him. This is why the work of domain is necessary. Then I'll explain why it is usually warranted a domain spell to a man or woman.
domain spells

Spell for dominationWhen one is running for a job and was hired, one hopes and has the right to have a work environment where you can feel comfortable and feel accepted and appreciated for our contribution to the company. Unfortunately, many people have the opposite experience and have to endure horrible work environments, treating with bad employees, who do not follow the rules, do not have a good ethic at work, etc. In these situations, one can simply endure the negativity and accept the idea that one not have future in that company, or you can take the matter into your own hands and "fix" it, to your boss or coworker problem. Here is where a domain spell can be of great help. This would also be an example of a justified and morally correct use of a spell of domination.

Other examples in which one can use this type of works of witchcraft is when you want to dominate an enemy, an unfaithful spouse or a spouse that does not treat you well, rebellious children, and even managers who have to deal with rebellious employees that do not follow the rules and defying authority.

There are also unjustified uses of domain spells, which tend to be carried out by egocentric people or control fans who want to dominate everyone in his life. Provided to avoid this type of approach, the work of one can be moral, ethical, and even socially acceptable.

Please keep in mind when making a homemade domain spell that it can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. In a nutshell, this means that you can expect better results if "you kill them with kindness" instead of dominating them with an iron fist. Interestingly, some people also combine this type of spells with sweetening works to have full dominion over a man or woman. Then we will see a homemade recipe that you can try if you want to make a spell freehold easily.

Spell of freehold 

This spell is used to make a man come to you, follow and obey you. It can also be a woman.
You will need the following for this spell:
  • Essential oil of sandalwood or cinnamon
  • Some of the beloved (can be any body fluid, nail or hair)
  • Something yours (same)
  • A silver spoon
  • Tissue paper

Go to the backyard of your House. Look at the direction in which is your loved one. Sit and meditate. Then visualize the person in question becoming compliant, letting his wandering ways, submitting to your domain.

1) Digs a hole in the floor about three inches of depth.

2) the personal objects (yours and the other person) wrapped in paper and it continues to be displayed your domain. Repeat to yourself your name followed by "I obey", "obey me", "you’ll do what I say."

3) Put the paper with objects in the hole that you've done. Cover the hole and stand on it. Imagine the person behind you. Give again the previous orders.

4) make sure you leave your footprints in the place and then pour the oil on the threads. Let drop an odd amount: three drops, seven, or nine, but not five.

5) Tell his name several times, and then say out loud with your voice of command, "do you understand Me?" "You come to me, now!" "Come here, do what I say!" "Take off in front of me, go behind me!" (tell what want you with an authoritarian voice.) Remember that you are now in control. Visualize yourself as his master. He is now your object.

Finally, get away from there saying: "I command you, I command you."

Here ends this recipe for a home-made domain spell. Continue browsing this blog to discover more effective spells and free rituals you can easily try at home, and share it with your friends on Social Networks if you found it useful. Blessings!

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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