Red magic, basics and tips for beginners

Red magic is known as one of the types of magic with which practitioners and sorcerers can do different types of work with the forces of nature. In this article, we will define what is red magic, what serves, and finally we will explain how to work with red magic at home.

Red magic: the basics

The color red represents the element fire, color of Alchemy and magical arts as well as the science of transformation. Red is associated with the physical, as in healing people and animals work. Also represents the physical passion. Red is the color of energy. Red magic is associated with power, the planet Mars, Tuesday, the astrological sign of Gemini and the first chakra (root). Red is the color of inspiration, vitality, pride, anger, courage, strong emotions, purification, arid places, aggressive music (especially drums as a heartbeat), and thunderstorms. Red is the best color to avoid the danger. Use it for stability, grounding, prosperity, and physical health.

About the red magic and the element fire

Red magicThe fire represents passion, enthusiasm, desire and the courage, strength, lust, fertility and virility, initiative and rejuvenation. It represents light and heat. The light of intelligence and the courage to follows it. A person with low fire is cold, slow to act, without enthusiasm for life or by itself. A person of high fire is bold, dramatic and passionate in all areas, however, this person must be careful for the fire can destroy everything in its path. Red magic, as well as fire, attracts new, courage and passion and likewise destroys the old one.
Their feelings are warm and dry, your season is summer and your address is the Center, toward the energy. Its symbol is the athame or dagger, and candles; their colors are reds, oranges and golden. Your moon phase is the Crescent and the time of day is noon.

Types of red magic

There are different types of red magic. There is the magic of fire, usually involving the burning of something like an herb or a flower, or a piece of paper or request that you've written your desire. Used to banish, deliver or destroy the negative influences in your life.
Another type of red magic is magic with candles, a simple, easy and useful method to achieve your desires. A candle color is chosen and they may also include incense appropriate in relation to your desire. Candles and incense are lit, sometimes up to seven days. This type of red magic is generally for any type of desire. See also: spells with candles: introduction and guide
There is also the solar magic. Use the Sun in our desires is a beautiful way in which we can attract new beginnings in love, health, work and home, subtle powers awaken and ask for aid in the attraction of our desires.

About the red magic for love

Love is beautyful. Thousands of distractions can alter your loving connection - problems couple, external stress, moments of solitude or longing - but despite everything, the power of love is shining in your heart.
Why does some people have happy relationships, while others appear doomed to pain and infinite suffering?
Love is everywhere. Unfortunately, some people feel that they are unworthy of love or of a loving relationship. Low self esteem or the problems of the past can block the receptivity to positive energy and interfere with the ability to attract and give feed love. Problems due to certain subconscious habits or thinking patterns that interfere with or prevent the natural dynamics of love can also cause. We will see how the red magic can help you heal your relationships, improve your self-esteem and attract into your life the love you need, easily and without danger.

Red magic to fall in love

Witchcraft can help channel or focus on the flow of the existing energies in and around you. The Red is also the color of magic for love
Over the years I have collected hundreds of love spells and I've compiled them in this incredible collection of the best and most effective love spells. I have received contributions from many witches and priestesses. I travelled across different countries to gather some of the rituals and ancient native practices that I met. There is a more complete than this compilation and really hope that you enjoy it as I enjoyed creating it.

Can what you do red magic or spells for they love me?

Red magic spells always work best when you do them yourself. You can use the benefits of the red magic to attract and feed love, improve your relationship, increase your sexual charisma, win back your ex, increase intimacy, heal a broken heart, and fill your life with more joy and beauty than ever before. When we tune with the power of love, it brings us luck and success in other areas of life also.

Can I do spells for someone else?

Yes, especially if you know well that person (friend, family, etc). Be sure that it is for the real benefit of the person.

Are there any precautions?

Yes. Often red magic spells will not work if you have way conscious or unconscious selfish, vindictive or absolute control purposes.

I am a Christian and have no experience in witchcraft. Can I make these spells?

Yes! While some esoteric rituals can be learned only through the hard work and time, this collection of spells can be used by anyone, including beginners and non-Christians. Also included are many spells love experts for advanced practitioners.

See also: can Christians practice witchcraft?

Here concludes this article on red magic. Browse this Blog to discover more homemade recipes for white magic and spells for love, please share your comments with us!

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