Checked: you can lose weight with your mind and is 100% natural

Hard to believe it at first, but finally, science has given a verdict: it is possible to use our mental power for weight loss if we can fool the brain and thus control our appetite. The psychologist Eric Robinson, of the University of Liverpool, has demonstrated in a recent study that the feeling of being hungry is generated in the mind, and not in the stomach.

Before you begin, if you're looking to lose weight fast I personally recommend the method of Dr. Charles A.D., that has worked for me pretty well. I've tried it last February and I lost around 16 pounds in 10 days, but even so I decided to develop my home version taking advantage of the power of the mind. If you have the strength of will, a power of visualization and a good self-control, you can get similar to long-term results.

My advice to lose weight using the power of the mind 

Checked: you can lose weight with your mind and is 100% natural
The University of Liverpool study focused on analyzing a group of people who suffered from a condition known as anterograde amnesia, i.e. loss of recent memory. The interesting thing is that some of these people could still remember what they had eaten during the day. This made them feel less need to eat, decreasing your appetite, compared with people who forgot what they had eaten, and its brain ordered them to eat more.
This is an excellent point of departure for our method because now we know that if we are more conscious of what we have eaten, which foods and at what time of the day, we will feel less appetite in the coming hours.

The 10 commandments of the treatment

1 - Convince yourself to be allergic to certain foods to avoid wanting them. Once you try the food your body reacts negatively: fattening.
2 - Eat what you shouldn't occur in seconds when you decide to take the first bite.
3 - Be careful with the snacks. It is preferable to have a little bit of anxiety that fat on your thighs.
4 - Only thin people say "no, thank you".
5 - All green food is good.
6 - If you fail, start again.
7- The extra pounds begin at the supermarket. What is not in the pantry, don't eat it.
8 - Avoid food as a reward. Instead, buy or do something you like more.
9 - "Try and scratch the work is to start," the saying goes. To avoid the temptation to eat a cake or a whole candy bar, it is best not to try.
10 - The sophisticated things is better to use them that eat them. Processed foods often have more components that are fattening to the natural.

How it Works

The objective of condition our subconscious aims to bring our awareness to the point of acceptance that we are where we want to be. Then the subconscious is compulsive and intuitively will guide us to the right foods, exercise, whatever it takes to fulfill that vision. But you have to give the right message to the mind.
This mental technique does not "replace" your healthy eating habits. Create them! That's the idea. The subconscious is the seat of the habit. And intuition. With the right thoughts, your healthy eating habits will become just that - "healthy habits" - rather than the compulsive that aren't healthy.

"When the imagination and the will are in conflict, the imagination always wins." -Emile Coué

This is not a diet. This is the natural way in which have been created to use our minds - constructively and in alignment with universal laws.
So again, we use our minds to accept the idea, thought, and the image of a person in a healthy way and according to your ideal weight. Once the idea is inculcated in the mind, automatically will be guided and directed to all that is necessary so that you can comply with that idea. Intuitive and automatically you will choose the right foods and reject the wrong. You are going to adopt the appropriate exercise habits. You will guide towards the right trainer and nutritional information to express your subconscious goal. It should happen because that is the law - the nature of the mind. The mind will always create the root thought.

Talking about exercise, in my opinion, one of the best exercises in the world to achieve an ideal metabolism, it wears good sneakers, go out and simply fast - walking a couple of miles of brisk. Weight lifting is great for replacing fat with muscle, and heart and bones, especially for women. But I understand that not everyone is able to lift weights. And we still have the aerobic workout. So salt and begins to walk. This is an addiction that you will love to have. When they start to release endorphins, everyone looks better.

Here concludes this article on losing weight with your mind and is 100% natural. Continue browsing this site to discover hundreds of recipes to seduce and instructions and guides of white magic and witchcraft.

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