How to know if someone is making me witchcraft

How to know if someone is making witchcraft. Most of the people who use sorcery make it with positive purposes, simply seeks to improve their lives. But there are small groups that use magic to do evil. Those who cannot control their evil or twisted nature. They are corrupt by jealousy and envy. Everyone should beware of such people. We all had a streak of bad luck and thought "someone is making witchcraft to me". But how to be sure? We will learn about the symptoms, signs, and possible ways to cure and prevent witchcraft and wizardry on us.

How to know if someone is doing witchcraft to me: The symptoms

How to know if someone is making me witchcraftLet's see what kind of damage you can experience if someone is doing witchcraft on you.

Basic symptoms: social indicators

- You feel that people avoid you
- Constant conflicts, fights or disputes that arise without reason
- Your good intentions are misunderstood constantly
- Problems in the relationship: fights with your partner or children
- Your job or career suffers
- Blocking of monetary income
- Friends, family members or coworkers don't believe you or trust in you

Basic symptoms: mind-body level

- Blocking of dreams
- Sleep disorders
- You have sexual dreams ; dream about water ; dream about falling from heights ; dream about dirty bathrooms, animal or snakes
- You see dead people in your dreams or dream of being killed
- Wake up suddenly with fear or cold sweat
- Headaches
- Chronic weakness or fatigue
- Sudden onset of apathy or disinterest in life
- Severe depression, hopelessness
- Oscillations of the state of mood, irrational behavior, anger, irritation, fear, abnormal hysteria
- Dryness of mouth, extreme thirst, hunger, extreme or lack of appetite
- Unexplained weight gains or weight loss
- Sudden chills
- Pressure or pain in different parts of the body
- Sudden loss of memory or gaps
- Unknown fear or mist that surrounds you at all times

Severe symptoms: body-mind - spirituality

- Dream about snakes, scorpions, and spiders
- See black dots or shapes
- The stomach swells as the belly of a pregnant woman and the area above the navel are contracted when you touch it feels like a golf ball
- Oppression and heaviness, especially on the shoulders and chest
- Extreme hunger in cases in which entities have taken the body
- Constant headache
- Seeing a dark or gray smoke in front of the eyes while awake.
- Stabbing pains such as needles or pins in the body
- Itching, burning, feeling that the entire body is on fire
- You see shadows or you feel that someone is behind you, also hearing voices
- Paranormal activity around you
- Frequent accidents
- Shaking of the body or parts of the body while you are falling sleep or waking up.

Additional symptoms related to witchcraft in men

- Excessive consumption of alcohol
- Smoking and drug use
- Interest excessive/obsessive in sex
- Decreased libido; No erection
- Contraction in the size of the male organ
- Excessive mood swings, extreme anger
- Lack of interest in life and work
- Sexual dreams and discharge of semen into the night
- Aging fast; graying of hair and baldness

Additional symptoms related to witchcraft in women

- Hyperpigmentation
- Bruising around the thighs, vagina and in arms, or other parts of the body
- Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is real
- Irritation in the vagina with vaginal discharge
- Total stoppage of monthly periods, irregular periods, painful periods, dark blood
- Hormonal alteration
- Unable to conceive due to psychic locks
- Blockages in the fallopian tubes and/or unable to keep the pregnancy, resulting in miscarriage
- Unexplained seizures
- Extreme fear and anxiety
- Rapid aging and loss of an attractive personality
- Fall and discoloration of the hair or graying hair fast
- Decrease in the size of the breasts
- Breast cancer

Final stages of spirit / black magic with very little recovery time

- Cancer in the blood or other body parts
- Decrease and malfunction of the kidneys
- Excessive consumption of alcohol resulting in liver damage
- Substance abuse
- Serious heart problems
- The drugs don't work, leading doctors to use stronger treatments
- Suicidal attempts or thoughts of self-destruction

These are all symptoms that someone made you witchcraft in some way. If your symptoms are severe or fatal categories, you must not ignore this problem because wasting time could cost you dear. Look for a healer of confidence in your area as soon as possible.

More information about witchcraft

Can I be a victim of the spirit world without someone making black magic directly?
Yes, if you're a woman, you are more likely to be the victim of the world of spirits in comparison with men. When women pass through their monthly cycles it weakens their auric shield, if during that period you pass near the cemetery, a river, lake or under the trees, if you use perfume, drink alcohol or take drugs, you have negative or sexual thoughts, you are inviting problems such as spirits that are in all parts and they can be responsible for the woman's body at any time if the circumstances are appropriate.

On the other hand, in men their auric shield weakens or opens if they consume drugs, they drink alcohol, get involved with women who have been possessed or unsanitary. Both in men and women the auric shield may weaken in case of extreme illness or an accident.

How can I prevent myself from someone that is making witchcraft?

These are some of the precautions that can be taken to not become a victim:

- Don't eat or drink something that a person invites you, unless the person eats it with you.
There are sweet / desserts which are loaded of negative energy that are used to create an opening in your auric shield, this is used as a channel for the control of your body and mind.

- The black magic can be done with your photography, clothes, hair, nails, blood, saliva, tissue from the skin or used menstrual pads

- Women are affected with black magic more easily than men, in women the effects can be seen on the surface, while in men it works as an underground stream and is not visible.

- Black magic can also be done touching your body or looking directly in your eyes.

- Anything that carries an aura can be charged from negative energies to create an opening in the auric field of the victim. Examples: clothing, jewelry, paper, toys or dolls stuffed, etc.

- The black magic can also be done using photographs, name and your mother's name, therefore don't give sensitive information to the whole world

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Here concludes this article on How to know if someone is making witchcraft to me. Continue reading this site to learn more about black magic and spells of love.

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