How to make magic during an eclipse

Working with magic during an eclipse is considered rather "Advanced". We are not talking about having a diploma or be a powerful Wizard, simply means to understand the power of an eclipse, we must know the power in function of time and the seasons. You also must be able to generate and focus the energy within a limited period of time.

What happens during the eclipse

Some people may feel a moment of stillness, or hesitation during an eclipse, as the spark of time that there is before a pendulum swing back after having swung all the way in one direction. This is the essence of an eclipse and feels like it feels inside a magic circle.
The equinoxes provide us a time "between the worlds", or a window through which we can make magic.

 Witchcraft: What is it? How does it work? Can I make spells?Solar eclipses

Throughout the year, the hours of sunshine increase and decrease. At the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, the sun is visible only for a few hours. The days become longer and in the spring equinox, day and night are the same. On the summer solstice, the sun is visible during the longest period of time (the longest day of the year). The days are becoming shorter and at the autumnal equinox, day and night are equal again. Finally, when the sun fades, we are in the winter solstice again.
During a solar eclipse, we experienced what might be called a "micro year". The sun is complete, then hides partially or completely, and then is again visible. In a few minutes, you can feel a power similar to a complete cycle of the solstices and equinoxes.
In addition to this power station, we are aware of the presence of the moon. Its shadow falls on Earth as it is between the Earth and the Sun. This adds the unification of solar and lunar, which reinforces the feeling of fullness.

Consider this fact about solar eclipses: A solar eclipse can only occur during the day, on a New Moon. This means we would be working with the power of the new moon (ideal for planting new seeds and ideas).
A solar eclipse does not have to be visible to do magic. You won't be able to see all eclipses unless you can travel all over the world easily! Just look at the predictions and almanacs to find the exact moment of the eclipse, and then work your magic.
Solar eclipses are perfect for some specific types of magic. Consider the solar eclipse of June 2002. Since this eclipse occurred near the solstice, you could have worked with solstice energy mainly, especially at the beginning of the eclipse.
In the northern hemisphere of the world, the sun is rising as the summer solstice approaches (in the southern hemisphere, the sun is decreasing and is approaching the winter solstice).
When an equinox occurs in the waning time of year, it is a good time to get rid of unwanted energies, bad habits and unhealthy patterns of thinking and acting, negativity, and other harmful things in your life. You can work with the new power of the moon, the energy of the waning year and in addition to the power of the eclipse.

For example:
Your ex-lover caused you pain. Whenever a new love is approaching you, you walk away to avoid feeling pain again. You realize that you can't love a new person until you lower your guard. About a half an hour before the start of the eclipse, you work to forget this pattern. At the beginning of the eclipse, you can feel the pattern dissolution. When the eclipse is ending, reinforce the growing link between you and your new love, also grow the trust in yourself. This type of magic shrinking / growing works very well during eclipses.
Keep in mind the time of year when the solar eclipse will occur. Will the Sun be growing or shrinking? Then consider the lunar influence, the moon is new and will be growing in a day or two. Finally, note the growing and waning moments of the eclipse itself. Use this information to develop your own rituals and spells to measure.

Moon eclipses

Moon and WitchcraftAlong the Moon's monthly cycle, (also known as the Synodic period of exactly 29,530587 days) the Moon grows and wanes. In new moon, the moon is completely invisible. A crescent moon begins to appear as the
moon grows until it fills. Finally, the moon vanishes and returns to the state of the new moon.

During a lunar eclipse, we experienced what might be called a "micro month". The Moon is full, then it is hidden partially or completely, and then again visible. In a few minutes, a power similar to a complete cycle.

In addition to this cyclical energy, we are aware of the presence of the Earth. Its shadow falls on the moon as she appears between the moon and the sun. This adds to the unification of the Earth and the lunar energy, which reinforces the feeling of fullness. Because both the Earth and the moon are considered "female", it is a good time to focus on the aspect of the goddess if you wish.
Consider this fact about the lunar eclipses: A lunar eclipse can only occur during the night of the full moon. This means that we will work with the energy of the Moon (a good time to detach ourselves from things).
A lunar eclipse doesn't have to be visible to do magic. Once more, you won't be able to see all the eclipses unless you can easily travel over the world! Just look at the charts and calendars to find the exact moment of the eclipse, and then work your magic.
A good example of magic to carry out during a lunar eclipse would be working in your psychic abilities. While the Moon fades during the eclipse, you might focus on get rid of blockages. It grows again, you could focus on the increase of your psychic abilities.
Consider the power of the full moon, which passes through all its cycles in just a few minutes, and considered the power of the shadow of the Earth in the face of the moon.

Here concludes this article about Eclipses and magic. Share with your contacts if you like, and continue browsing this website to learn more about white magic.

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