Magical power of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz exudes an energy that replaces the sorrows, fears and resentments. It is good for the heart and circulatory system, harmony and inner peace.

Three words define this glass: peace, tranquility and healing. The magic of Rose Quartz attracts love and positive relationships, strengthening existing relationships, restores confidence, harmony, happiness and fidelity.

This stone rejects the bad energy and replace it with positive vibes. It helps to release the pain and not expressed emotions. It shows the power of forgiveness, program the heart to love, accept and appreciate us ourselves. Inspired by an inner healing, it helps to build and maintain self-esteem.


Magical power of pink quartzIf you want to attract love, no search anything other than the romantic Rose Quartz. Place it on the bed will attract true love and positive relationships.

Locate the Rose Quartz somewhere visible at the entrance of the home will help to harmonize the relations within the family.

If placed under the mattress, it can be used against insomnia.


This stone has many healing effects on our body: decreases the heart-threatening diseases and their placement in the body provides soothing properties. Under the pillow, lessens depression and sleep disorders.

It also increases our internal needs of loyalty, love and harmonizes the sexual desires. It provides the forces necessary to drive creative ideas and fantasies. In meditation, the Rose Quartz enters our body, providing love, containment and solace to the emotionally wounded heart, increasing feelings to a higher level with its smooth and deep. It also helps to free the soul of resentments, guilt and fear.

Physiological properties of Rose Quartz

-It increases the chances of fertility.

-Improving the vertigo.

-It soothes burns and abrasions.

-Assistance in cases of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and senile dementia.

-It strengthens the circulatory system.

-Unlock the impurities of the body fluids.

Emotional properties of Rose Quartz

-If I was in love and lost love, comforting the grief.

-Calm, gives security and is excellent for use in the event of a crisis.

-It reduces tension, anger, jealousy and stress.

-It takes the balance in cases of emotional and sexual disharmony.

-Unlock the pains and emotions not expressed, soothes the inner pain and heals the shortcomings.

-Emotionally, Rose Quartz is the best healer.


It is known as the stone of love and can be found in the form of heart, polished or rough.

Color: Pink, pink, purplish pink and peach

Zodiac sign: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo

Qualities: Compassion, serenity, and integration

Chakras: Fifth (heart)

How to consecrate it

Once you get a rose quartz is cleaned with the tap water and salt. Then, it is placed in the Sun for a few hours and also in the light of the full moon. Let it rest that night. The next day in the morning, wash again but with running water.

Later, take the Rose Quartz in the left hand for about three minutes. It will vibrate with the same energy of his heart and will heal all anguish and sadness.

It is important to think that he is a person full of light, very valuable and does not deserve to suffer at that time. Ask for peace and which life brings it to the man or woman of his life, drawing to you to who you assess it and make full sense.

Place with fresh flowers, incense and a candle with rose quartz, and made the following statement:

The divine (universe, God, great power), guides me to enjoy the love and company of the person who will be a blessing for my and me a blessing for her. It is the person who brings good things to my life. I feel happy and at peace.

Here ends this article about the magic power of Rose Quartz. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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