Predict the future in dreams with white magic

Many people have asked if it is possible to predict the future for free using only our mental power. In today's article, we will see how the future can be predicted through the most revealing tool of the human mind: dreams.

How to predict my future for free

Predict the future in dreams with white magicIf you've been wondering how to predict your future very often, maybe you're in a moment of decision in your life, and you want to know which road to take. Or perhaps you want to know how it will work out the process that you or someone in your environment is going through at this time. Dreams are clear and realistic images that have been used for hundreds of years to predict the future. The next spell will help you to predict the future of what you wish to know, without spending a fortune on specialists.

Spell to predict the future

Do this spell before going to bed, with a lighted candle. Remember that immediately after making the spell to predicting future you must go to sleep. You will need the following items:

  • A candle
  • A glass of water
  • Sugar
  • Pepper
  • Paper towels

Be careful, you might not like what you see or you could change the future.
Light the candle and placed a little sugar and pepper in the water (Note: Please make sure you put the sugar first or the spell will not work). After that place the glass in front of you, on paper towels, since you could pour a little water. Tilt the cup back and forward slightly while you repeat this incantation:

"Show me the future, I want to see,
Show me the future, I want to see."

Repeat it focusing on the words, for about a minute, dropping a little water. Don't disperses with your thoughts. Turn off the candle and go to sleep.

Some tips to effectively predict the future

If you have difficulty to remember your dreams the next day, it is best that you begin to write your dreams in a journal. Place your journal beside your bed before going to sleep, and every morning write quickly what you remember having dreamt about. After a few weeks of doing this, you will remember every detail of your dreams and you will be able to interpret the message more clearly.

It is also important that you learn to analyze what you see in your dreams. Many of the images that you will receive will be symbolic. Therefore, it is important that you write down these images, ideas, and messages so you can combine them later and try to find out what it means for you. The symbols will be unique to you. It is e.g. possible to dream of a big angry dog. First, describe everything about that dog and what is a dog for you. Then look at your life and see what the dog represents, how it relates to your life. It is possible that refer to your boss, your partner, or even to yourself when you intimidate others. There are any number of things to analyze but those messages are just for you.

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Here concludes this article about Predict the future in dreams with white magic. Continue browsing this website to discover more recipes of sorcery and white magic.

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