Ritual for health

In this article we will talk about health rituals, they represent a complicated issue. Since we are dealing with the health of people any small mistake can cause big trouble. There are two types of spells for health, positive and negative, those that give a cure and those who take it. Any ritual for the health that you do will work best if you also do a spell for protection or a bath to remove the bad energy.

Magic healing is a very ancient and complex art. Its effectiveness depends on the receptivity of the person to be healed, the talent of the curator and the type of energy that you use, and also depends on the severity and rate of progression of the disease. Although witchcraft can repair the body and calm the mind, you should never stop taking the medicine prescribed by a doctor. Most of the time both are very well combined. Now let's look at a ritual for health that will help you take advantage of the powerful energies of the elements to regenerate your health.

Ritual for health

To perform this spell you need:
- A precious stone to increase confidence and power, for example, kunzite (Spodumene), Sodalite, rhodonite or Opal.

Do this spell during the night. It is not necessary to light a candle, but if you want it you can do it. Simply hold the stone against your chest, and feel the power of the land that overflows and makes you feel healthy and vibrant. While you do this pronounce the following incantation:

"By land and water,
By air and by fire,
I want you to be able to listen to this desire,
Sources of life and light
Sources of the day and the Earth,
I invoke you here,
Heal my mind and my body."

Keep the stone in a safe place or take it with you in a purse or bag. Repeat the incantation at night whenever you want to recharge your energy for health and protection.

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Here concludes this article about Ritual for health. Keep on browsing this site to learn more about white magic and witchcraft.

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