House Cleansing Rituals

A house cleansing ritual is a way to remove any negative energy that might be lurking in your home. This is especially useful when:

-You move out to a new home
- There has been a lot of n
- You are having a streak of bad luck
- You feel a negative presence or unwanted energy
negativity there
- You feel that energy has become dense, dark, or dirty.

In fact, it is recommended to make rituals for clean your home on a regular basis. You will really notice a difference in the feeling of the house, and also in your life!
The negative energies have a habit of build up our personal spaces, and this affects our lives.
Purify and bless your home is how to make Feng Shui, but without moving the furniture.
House Cleansing Rituals
A small notice. This article is about the ritual of spiritual cleaning, which can help eliminate a ghost or "demon", but maybe it can't do it. This ritual is not designed to handle negative beings of great power, that they can defend themselves, and I would not recommend it for that. If you have serious problems at home, my advice is to find an expert to help you, or a ritual specifically designed and tested for this problem thoroughly.
There are many different ways to clean and purify your home. Here is one of my favorite House Cleansing Rituals.


Ritual of cleansing and home blessing 

It's a 3-step ritual: cleaning, purification and blessing, you can easily do it on your own, and is very effective. We will use three different herbs:
  • Sage
  • Cedar
  • Holy Herb
Starting your cleansing ritual by drawing a circle, invoking the elements and inviting the gods or guides that you will help you. (This step is not strictly necessary, but it will increase the power of the work and will also provide protection against negative energies).

Light up a candle, invoking the divine light or welcoming to the element of fire. Wash yourself with light.

Then release the Sage on the flame of the candle, leaving to burn. Walk around your house, going the contrary direction of the clock hands, spreading smoke in each corner and each cabinet.
Pay special attention to the areas where water, electricity, or gas flow, inside or out.
Remember that the corridors are also important.

Note: be careful not to drop the candle and be careful with sparks also!

In the center of each room, draw a circle or a pentacle with smoke. In each window, and even more so in each entry, draws a circle in a spiral toward the center, or draws a pentacle with smoke.
While you burn sage, repeat this prayer:

"Clean the house and filter out all the evil"

When you have completed the house, turn off the sage.
Turn on cedar and make another walk around the house. Use the same process, except that now you will go in the direction of the clock hands.

While you work with cedar, repeats this:
"Blessings decorate this cozy place,
Joy and peace can be breathed in"

Once you've gone through the entire house, turn off the cedar, and light on the holy herb.
While you work with the holy herb, in the direction of the clock hands around the house, repeats this:

"Infinite and supreme power
Protect and bless this house through time"

House Cleansing Rituals
Once you've done the interior, walk around the outside of the house with each herb, just as you've done on the inside, and repeating the pentacle at each entrance.
It ends with this prayer:

"By the power of the divine,
This House is blessed!"

At the end of the cleansing ritual, say goodbye and thanks to any deity, guides, and elements that you have invoked, closes the circle, and turn off the candle.
Take a moment to feel the energy of the House now. You should feel light, spacious, and clear.

Ritual to make a spiritual cleansing of mirrors

Here are an optional mirrors house cleansing rituals. You can make mirrors in the same way that you'll make doors and windows. But try this once and see what happens.
In each mirror, start by cleaning with smoke from these herbs, spiral to the left starting at the Center and working outwards. Next change the direction of movement, going up and down as if you were brushing the mirror.

You can use this prayer:

"Clean and bless this mirror,
Its reflection will show only good thing!"

Do this as part of your house cleansing rituals, or at any time, for example:
- Whenever you feel that it is unpleasant to look in the mirror
- Whenever you feel the mirrors have seen things that you don't want to be reminded of
- When to buy a new mirror

Precautions during House Cleansing Rituals

Since we are using fire and smoke in these spells of cleaning, be sure to take adequate safety precautions.

- Be careful around flammable objects.
- Do not leave candles unattended
- When you have finished cleaning, check that all flames are completely off, and there is no burning sparks in the house

- While you clean your smoke detectors can be activated if they are very sensitive, or if you are producing a lot of smoke. You can disarm them, but remember that you must put them back after!
- You don't need a large amount of smoke, only a trickle is sufficient. If there is a great amount of smoke  it may be difficult to breathe.
- The best is to leave the sacred smoke get installed in the house, but if someone has trouble breathing or is it unpleasant, simply vent the House.

In some places, it will not be possible to burn or do smoke, as in hospitals, for example. Of course there are other options of cleaning and blessing that you can use.
Sprinkle salt water or water with essence of rose, is an excellent alternative to the cleansing ritual that we've seen today. You can sweep the room, first symbolically, using your witch broom if you have one.

The music is also very good for cleaning - percussion, singing, bowls, bells, or a mantra, such as OM Hari Om... all these will purify the vibrations of the place.

Finally, put blessed flowers, sage or branches of cedar around the room, to help maintain a good energy after cleaning.

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Here concludes this article about House Cleansing Rituals. Keep on browsing this site to learn more about rituals of protection and witchcraft.

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