Satanic ritual. How to make a Satanic Pact

Today we'll talk about Satanic rituals and what it means to make a pact with Satan. There are satanic cults around the world carrying on rituals and sacrifices in the most diverse ways. Learn here how to make real satanic rituals invoke the power of Satan's effectively.

"If I had as many souls as there are stars, all of them give Mephistopheles!"
-Dr. Faust

Warning: this article is for information purposes only and its words may offend the susceptibility of people strongly christian. Read and think carefully before taking any action in the real or spiritual world.

Satanic rituals

What happens when I make a ritual of formal commitment to Satan?
Satan takes care of himself. Satan gives us inner strength and makes us strong in spirit. Unlike most traditional religions, where adherents are always praying and looking for their God, Satan comes to us on their own. Many times, we can feel it. He comes to guide us when we are wrong, concerned, or are having problems.

Puts us in line and speaks to us in terms of what we have to do to be happy and focused.

The root of spiritual satanism lies in our function to finish the work of Satan upon humanity. This is the objective of the divinity and is carried out through meditation. Humanity is spiritually at a very low level. When we begin to meditate, we experience profound positive changes in our lives. Satan and his demons (the original gods) protect us and take care of, as we are transformed and achieved personal power. With Satan, we have the protection that outsiders do not have. We can reach the powers of the mind and soul as we want. To outsiders, this can be dangerous.

Satan also gives us knowledge. "I lead you to the straight path without a book."
As we are transformed and grow, our lives change for the better and we are much happier. We learn through Satan how to take control of our own lives and destiny rather than being at the mercy of fate. We learn to heal ourselves and to fulfill our desires, using the powers of the mind and the soul.

To make a commitment, we engage in a formal ritual. This is done by free will. We are making a conscious choice, rather than being drawn into any church, and reciting canned in front of a bunch of blind followers.

Because many have been strongly indoctrinated to these elements and what they represent (enemies of Satan), we resign permanently by a dedication ritual. This is something psychologically healthy and liberating.

The initiation ritual is something very personal and individual unless you decide to do it as part of a group.

Satanic ritual

Let see how an initiation ritual is done. For the majority of this type of satanic ritual  you will need:
- One or more black, blue or red candles (as many as you want).
- A needle or razor sterilized.
- A piece of clean paper, big enough to write the prayer that we will use.
- A dry pen, with which you will write your name in blood.

Write the following sentence:

Prayer to Satan

"Before the almighty and ineffable God Satan / Lucifer and in the presence of all the demons of hell, who are the true and original, gods I, (your full name) renounce any and all past loyalties." I renounce the false God of Judeo-Christian Jehovah, I renounce his vile and despicable son Jesus Christ, and renounce his rotten Holy Spirit.
I proclaim Satan / Lucifer as my one and only true God. I am committed to recognizing and honor him in all things, without reservation, with the desire of your company in the successful completion of my efforts."

The Satanic Pact

It is important to bathe before performing any Satanic ritual or any kind. This is done out of respect. When you're ready, you can light the candle. Take the needle, click your index finger of the left hand, squeezing a bit of blood.
Sign your name with the blood on the paper.
Recite the prayer to Satan out loud or in your head.
Fold the paper and make it burn in the fire of the candle. Many of us remain meditating until the candle is consumed alone.
At the end of the ritual, close it with the words "so be it".

Frequently asked questions about summon Satan:

Can I make the ritual more than once?
No! The Satanic rituals are real and binding. The ritual must be done only once!

I've done the ritual. I only put a few drops of blood on the paper, the ritual is still valid?
Yes! Regardless of the amount of blood, this is only a formality. What is in our hearts and our intentions are much more important than the quantity of blood in our firm.

Can I reverse the ritual later?
The Satanic rituals, unlike the rituals of other religions, are real and permanent. I have received a number of letters from people who were confused or harassed by Christians. A person carried out a reverse ritual and Satan left it. Completely. Satan does not push anyone back.

I am under age and my parents could cause serious problems if you ever catch me making a Satanic ritual.

You can do the previous ritual when you're older. Provided you're loyal to Satan in your heart, he will not be angry with you. Children under 18 years of age are not always completely free. There is no need to reveal your allegiance to Satan at this time. What is in your heart is more important than anything else. Satan teaches us in the Al-Jilwah not to disclose our religion to outsiders if that cause us harm in some way, this is especially important for teens. Only resign to the Christian God in your mind. Satan understands that it can be very dangerous, and in some cases you can put your life at risk, if you live in a Christian home, reveal your loyalty towards him.

Satanic rituals, the baptism

When Anton La Vey founded his Satanic Church in 1966 in San Francisco of California, he and his followers thought that. similar to other churches of other beliefs, it yours should have rituals and ceremonies of your own. Naturally, one of the main rites is the baptism, but, in accordance with the ideas contained in his doctrine, this rite is divided into two classes: one for children under of four years and another for adults.

Satanic Baptism for Children:
Primarily, we have to remember that the satanic baptism has not as objective release the child of any «original sin» and prepare him for a life of blind devotion to a faith, but to celebrate the miracle of his creation.

Satanic ritualWho participate in the rite are the priest, his assistant, the child that is going to be glorified and his parents. Also can be present other congregants invited by the parents of the child.

Black tunics are mandatory for attendees, except for the child who wears it a bright red with a hood that lets his face out. The talisman of Satan hangs of a chain or tape that surrounds the neck and slides over the red tunic. The child sits on the platform of the altar, facing the symbol of Satan, which will appear on the wall of the West side of the chapel. Apart from the elements that are prescribed in the Satanic Bible, two vessels containing Earth and sea water are needed.

As for the background music, it must be carefully selected, because children are very sensitive to the tone. The founder of the Satanic Church has proven that the nature of Grieg music and The little Fauns, of Pierné, are ideal for the ceremony if it's performed in a peaceful way.

The Satanic baptism of a child is limited to them children under four years because, starting from that age, the Satanic Church considers that the mind of the child already is determined by them beliefs of people around, and therefore, he can decide by himself if he wants to take the satanic ritual or not.

Satanic Baptism for Adults
The first requirement that is needed to be baptized is the of have reached «the legal age». This is very important because it is considered that at this age one is already able to «twist» if you wish and adhere to the consequences or be attributed the merits that behave you your decision.

Satanic ritual. How to make a Satanic Pact
In adult baptism, the participants are the priest, with his assistants, the initiated, in addition to witnesses that this has invited, while the absence of the latter is not obstacle so that the ceremony can perform.

As in the baptism child, is need them acts prescribed in the Satanic Bible and them two pots, a with Earth and another with water of sea, more a Brazier, coal and incense. Also, participants must wear black hoods (except the priest), covering the face with caps. They should be hung to neck amulets with the symbol of Ba-fomet. The stool for the initiate and the two pots are placed near the altar. Light the candles, including which shall use the priest-"the black flame"-. Also be lit the coal.

In this moment is must listening the proper music. The initiate kneels before the priest and this proceeds recite the first Enochiana key of the Satanic Bible at the same time that talks to the initiated, saying:

«Under the majestic light of wisdom not blemished,
wakes up and goes in the Arcadian forest,
where all the remains of your falsehood will be as dead ripped bark to the trunk
and where your futile hypocrisies, both those known as them not known,
they will not now envelop your mind and your body.
Rejects your white robes, sit down and face your Prince,
showing you such as you come to life; i.e., naked and without blushing.
Now your Majesty will be as refreshing the night winds blow
that we become of them distant domains of Belial.»

The priest passes the candle four times below the plant of them feet of the initiated while recites the preceding prayer. Then pour incense in the brazier and, to the do it. Then, he removes some earth of the pots and passing by the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands of the initiated, saying:

«Now, as before, when the mother of all us soften our way again offered to you.
Penetrates on your breast and recreate you in the glow of the Earth.»

Then the priest anoints the initiate, with sea water, and continues:

"You have come down to us from the arid extensions,
with those lips cracked and swollen and your steps you have led to the protective caves underground of Leviathan.
Of this water salt springs all her life.
Get up and get involved in the world of darkness.»

Then the priest will place the amulet around the neck while says:

"Put the amulet of Bafomet and this seal to the eternal commitment with Satan.
Raise your right hand to the sign of the horns and receives your oath."

Then the priest places the face to the initiated and with the tip of the sword describes an inverted Pentagram. This is traced in the air, against the chest of the initiate and the newly crowned amulet. Priest and started back down the aisle and make the sign of the horns. Then, the priest exclaims: 'Long live to Satan!»

The priest shakes the Bell to give more mysticism to the environment and the finish the ritual.

Here concludes this article about satanic rituals and satanic spells. Please continue reading this website to find more information about satanism.

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