Spell to be happy

Today we will see some homemade and simple recipes to help you encourage your state of mind. These spells can help to cheer you up, release some stress and generally improve your worldview, but can't replace true happiness.
You see, magic is not a cure for your problems, and you must be willing to lift your mood. If you are determined to stay in a pit, then no spell will help you. Open your heart to these spells, and you will feel better in no time.

Spell to be happy: magical joy with three candles

Add a little joy to your life when you most need it. Everything you will need for this spell to be happy is:
- 3 orange or yellow candles
- Cedar oil
- A pinch of Rosemary and Marjoram

Rub the oil in three candles and place them on your altar. Turn on each, and then sprinkle each of the herbs on the table around candles. Concentrate in the heat of the flames, and repeat this incantation aloud:

"Happiness and joy, come into my life
Stress, problems, and anger are going away
No more negativity,
I am happy, I am free."

Keep your hands above the flames to feel its heat. There is no need to burn you. Simply decide to see the positive side of things, and let the candles burn alone. Next more spells to be happy.

Buds of happiness

Bring fresh and positive energy into your life with this spell of happiness and fresh flowers. You only need:
- Oil of jasmine or lilac
- A fresh flower, of any kind
- Paper and pencil
- A yellow candle
- A heat-resistant container

Light the candle, and writes on paper three things that make you feel dissatisfied at this time. Place the paper in the flame of the candle and leaves burning. Once turned on, you can place it in the container.

Rub a little oil in the flower, and breathe her scent. Visualize your problems disappear in ash paper and replaces the stress that is in your life with the joy of the flower. Put the flower in the container over the ashes, and leave it on your altar for a few days to remember that you must be happy. We will now see another spell for happiness.

Winds of change

This is actually a spell to release anger and stress, but it is the first step to being happier. Ingredients:
- A windy day
- A hill
- Basil
- Patchouli

Well, it is not mandatory that you have a hill to this spell, but you need an open area outside of happiness, where there is little wind.
Carry the herbs to the venue, and turn your back to the wind (so that blow on your back). Loose herbs in the air and display your problems go flying. Pronounce the following incantation:

"Wind, take my pain,
Make me happy and fill me with love."
Then turns around and give a face to the wind. Say:
"Wind bring me joy,
From now on I know I will be happy."

Stay in the wind for a few moments more, concentrating on the release of your problems and the acceptance of peace.

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