Spell to have psychic powers

This type of spells to have psychic powers are known as spells of power and energy, and they belong to the Group of white magic, spiritual, and as such are some of the most powerful known spells. Power spells are also known as force spells. These spells to have psychic powers work with invisible forces of the universe that we sometimes protected and sometimes hurt us.
Everyone has the control of the forces around them at some level. The bigger the force you control more powerful spells you can make. If you use these magical forces to create a shield for the spells that are cast against you by another person they have a much lower probability to success. Today I bring you a small instructive on how to do spells to have magical powers. The entire procedure is free and homemade. Use this spell to have psychic powers and protect yourself from bad influences.

Guide of psychic powers

Spell to have psychic powersCommon, normal, people including children are sometimes capable of producing strange phenomenon for most mortals. It's psychic powers which, according to the researchers of the topic, have nothing of magic: manifest themselves in symptoms ranging from changes in brain waves recorded graphically to changes in breathing and heart rate. Then, a complete guide to what are these powers and phenomena related to each one of them.

With irony and humor little promoted by the history of psychology, Sigmund Freud summarized: "you find a Warlock in his unconscious... placed it". Concerned, neither more nor less than a psychic powers.

Those psychic powers are manifested in the psychic people structure without any interference from the outside world, it is called subjective. That manifest themselves in the outside world without any it intervention muscle strength, are the objectives. Below is a list of them and some derived phenomena.

Psychic Power of Clairvoyance

Unusual subjective phenomenon. It is defined as the knowledge of a contemporary fact obtained by psychic means. It causes some tremors, perspiration, and mild dizziness in the producer. Science finds no explanation through the normal guidelines. It was limited only to check the veracity of innumerable cases.

A very famous case of clairvoyance and one of the first scientifically recorded was that of Sweden's Emanuel Swedenborg, a mystic philosopher who lived in Stockholm in the 17th century. It was the year 1650 when it was one of his many trips to a distant town 80 km. At one point said: "There is a big fire in Stockholm, it is coming to my house, but they extinguished a few meters...". Two days later, the News ran so slowly, it was found that there was such fire and it was put down a few houses of the Swendenborg.

Psychic Power of Precognition

The unusual subjective phenomenon of psychic powers. It is the real knowledge and truth, by psychic pathways, a fact that will happen. It produces chills in the body and a mild sensation of warmth in the face. Some scientists, such as Carl Gustav Jung, tried to explain it through the principle of synchronicity. He argues this theory that in the times measured by clocks there are elements with other links, and therefore it would be possible to know what will occur within days, months or years.

The deduction by means of logic and reasoning should not be confused with cases of precognition. Psychology file numerous cases in which the unconscious deduced, with great ability and talent, what would happen. Nothing they relate with precognitive powers. Arose as a result of the precognition a philosophical problem: If everything can be known, the destination does?. Responded to this with a definition of destiny: is the sum of the past, more present each.

Psychic Power of Telepathy

Common subjective phenomenon. It is mental transmission of specific content from one person to another. It does not cause any visible feeling or symptom in particular on those who produce it. Within the powers, science considered it, for the first time, something own and natural to human beings.

The first observations indicated that those people very close emotionally suffered feelings of pain of the other. Today is common, and not attributed to any unfathomable mystery, a mother of two twins "feel" a great distance the nervousness, or small or large accident experimented by the other person.

Psychic Power of Telepathy 

Telepathy is a transmitted power, exclusively, by psychic means. In non-verbal it, on many occasions, "streamable" innumerable feelings or certain things. Just a 'message' and not a transmission by telepathy. In laboratory experiments, is never placed to people face to face, but in separate quarters.

Psychic Power of Retrocognition

Unusual subjective phenomenon. It is the knowledge through psychic channels of past events. It produces bristling of the skin, suffocation and tremors in the hands. Science found no fundamentals, but related it to clairvoyance.

If anyone said that there is a body which disappeared 2,000 years ago in a determined place and offers all kinds of details to find it, you might think in this power. However, there are those who explain, simply, by clairvoyance.

Psychic Power of Psychokinesis

Common objective phenomenon. It is the mental faculty to move objects at distance without any it intervention muscle strength. Causes some changes in the respiration rate and slight dizziness. It was proven by footage, photographs and hundreds of witnesses. Young people or adolescents produce it, often.

This phenomenon is similar to telekinesis, but they should not be confused. Telekinesis has a "reach" which does not exceed 50 meters. That is, that this power producer will only move the objects within that range. The priest Oscar González Quevedo, one of the most recognized researchers of these phenomena, argues that telekinesis is caused by a force called "telergy", natural in many people.

Frequent and not so much, psychic powers follow still the path of mystery and just skirt the attention of science in general. Your presence in daily life dispelled, however, remote fears. Is there a "chosen"?. No one would dare, seriously, to deny or affirm it. Refers to a higher spiritual development that would awaken these powers dormant in the deep unconscious and then Yes, would resurface that "Wizard" that Freud mentioned without fear of ridicule.

Spell to have psychic powers

In a dark room, place a candle on a table. Sit in a comfortable chair or a stool, back to the candle. You must be about 15 inches of distance from the candle.

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Imagine that you are at the top of a mountain with a light breeze blowing in your face. At night and the sky lights up glowing with stars. Relax and take a moment to look at the stars.

Now, close your mind's eye, so that you can only feel the gentle breeze on your face. Feel the breeze and the smell of the clean, fresh air. You are at the top of a high mountain, at night, you're relaxed and your mind is clear.

Slowly open your eyes and raise the mirror so you can see directly in your own eyes. Continue to look more and more in your own eyes until you are able to see what your other senses can't perceive.
When you have reached the right depth of vision, you will be able to send and receive images and thoughts. This spell requires total isolation and silence; even the slightest interference will break the connection.

Caution: It is possible to lose consciousness during this spell. Be careful with the lighted candle, leave it well protected so that there is no possibility of an accidental fire.

Repeat this spell to have psychic powers and unleash your supernatural forces within 4 weeks. I recommend practicing it once each night.
Lets see now a spell to recover lost energy, or multiply your current energy before facing an exhausting task.

Spell to have energy for Psychic Powers

Items needed:

  • Orange or bright red candle
  • A spicy incense
  • A glass of water
  • A bowl of sea salt.

I recommend you to do this spell during the day. If there is sun outside it is possible that you want to start the spell out to the street for a few minutes to breathe some fresh air. Sit facing the lighted candle and say:

"Give me power to complete happily the job that I must do.
I'm going to feel better for having done it. The completion of the task will be my reward."
Sprinkle the salt from the sea around the candle and say:
"Give me strength, sacred earth."
Pass your hand near the candle and say
"Give me strength, sacred fire."
Pass your hand through the smoke of the incense and say
"Give me strength, sacred air."
Drink the water and say
"Give me strength, sacred water."
Now get up immediately and go to do your task

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Here concludes this article on Spell to have psychic powers. Continue browsing this website to learn white magic and discover hundreds of recipes of magic for love.

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