Techniques of dream to know our beloved

Before sleep, lying in bed, you must enter the alpha level - it is a State close to sleep, but that it is still aware of what is happening to your around - and visualize your beloved. To do this, today we will see these techniques to know our beloved.

While viewing it, mentally repeat: "I am establishing contact with the person I love so she listen to me. I want to meet her in a dream and conquer full his love".

Then, without leaving frequency, allow the dream invades it in a State of tranquility, without thinking of anything else, with the confidence that your unconscious mind will work overnight to attract to the elected person's love.

Techniques of dream to know our belovedWake up during the night or the next morning, you will remember details isolated from a dream or a dream.

Write down them immediately; then relax, displayed to the beloved and let his mind appearing ideas or images freely. Maybe think you write a letter, send an e-mail, call her, or see walking with that person, being in a particular place, etc. Do not repress any image that appears or discard any idea for more extravagant that appears. Finally, check those images or ideas with the dream and try to find meaning in the message. At times, the message is so clear that it does not require any interpretation; otherwise, can turn a dictionary of dream symbols to clarify interpretations.

When you are with the beloved person, likely you are surprised with some detail from her that you had already dreamed. This is a good indication that your programming has begun to show results.

Note: like all techniques, it requires some practice and success depends heavily on the skill that has managed to relax and visualize the person with greater clarity.


 Our unconscious keeps the secret, although not always reveals it, how to find us with our soul mate. A path to this precious information, are the dreams. Through them we can find a way that will lead to the long-awaited encounter.

Before sleeping, lying in bed, visualize your soulmate - if you know it - and if you can not imagine someone who has most of the features that I would like to have his soul mate, from the physical details, your personality, and all his attributes and imagine with her.

Repeat: "here you are dear, finally our eyes met and already no longer can separate our souls. Love connects our hearts in infinite bliss. "So I want it and will thus be".

Wake up during the night or the next morning you will remember a dream (although not appear your soulmate in it). Write down it immediately and try to remember and interpret all the details of the dream by insignificant or crazy they can seem.

The roads that lead us to meet our soul mate may be unusual; why you must be attentive to the symbols and clues that appear in your dreams. On the other hand, the psychic energy that you send to your beloved through programming, they will shorten the distance and time of the meeting.

Here ends this article on techniques of dream to know our beloved. you can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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