The power of mind

You have superpowers - is absolutely true! In this article, you will discover how the power of the mind really works.
You have the power to do things that go beyond what you can imagine at this time. In fact, you're capable of things that you probably consider incredible or supernatural. Your mind is a vast source, largely unexplained, energy and power. In fact, your thoughts even have the power to alter reality.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that we do not understand how these powers work, most of the people is unable to take advantage of them. In this way, we limit ourselves and limit our success in life. I'm going to reveal how you can take advantage of the powers of the mind to make drastic improvements in your life.
The power of mindStay with me here. I know that many will ignore this message as if it were a lot of crazy ideas. But let me tell you that a lot of successful people have believed in these skills, and have used them to create stunning fortunes. Also, just knowing a little it is easy to reach the conclusion that there must be some truth in this. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. It has been written about the power of the mind over the centuries. They exist if you are willing to recognize them and use them to your benefit or not. If you don't, you're simply missing a chance to get the maximum performance of your life.

Examples of use of the power of the mind

There are many powers of the mind that cannot be completely explained or understood. Things as telepathy, telekinesis, and extrasensory perception fall into this category. J.B. Rhine, a researcher at Duke University in the 1930's, made comprehensive and rigorous laboratory tests to assess the existence of these phenomena. He came to the conclusion that many people seem to have powers over beyond the five senses, able to detect the thoughts and feelings of others. His research led to the coining of the term parapsychology, and the Foundation of a Center for research at Duke to explore further. Of course, there are numerous critics and skeptics of the conclusions of Rhine and results have never been repeated since. Rhine, however, was not the only researcher who came to these conclusions and many people agree that the extrasensory perception is the sixth sense. This is just an area that suggests that the mind has power and energy that emanates beyond our current comprehension.

There are also many people who believe in the miracle of healing by faith. Healing by faith is the belief that people can be cured of diseases and abnormalities through prayer and divine or supernatural intervention. When we look objectively at prayer, we see that it is a type of focused thought or meditation directed outside ourselves to evoke a supernatural power and thus achieve a purpose we want to. If you are looking for "testimonies of healing" on the Internet, you'll find countless stories of people who have been miraculously cured of things such as cancer. It usually involves situations where there is no more hope by medical science. You have to believe. If you don't, then you must accept the destiny of their medical diagnosis.
I mention these examples to expand your thinking. If you are still reading (I am sure that many, probably are gone because they are unable or are not willing to consider that our minds have this power beyond our current understanding), then you are ready to understand and use the powers of your mind. You're ready to take advantage of the power source that has driven people like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Oprah Winfrey to levels of extraordinary success. You can also reach these levels. No matter how you define success or what you want. You can do it!

Unleashes the power of the mind

So, what is going to unleash the powers of your mind? The belief. You have to believe, without a doubt, in the depths of your heart and your mind that you can and will fulfill your wishes. You have to believe so deeply that you will create a level of intensity in your thinking until the desire to become an ardent obsession. You have to be able to visualize vividly. It has to consume you. You have to believe to the level where you know that you can overcome any obstacle that may arise. You are going to give whatever it takes to achieve your goal. When you think so, you summon the super powers of your mind and can alter reality.
Your intense thoughts and your faith when they are joined this way will create in the physical world exactly what you want. This concept is well documented and is absolutely true. It is confirmed in every classic book of success that I have read. It is the secret or magic that these writers speak so often. This philosophy is discussed further in chapters 13 and 14 of "Think and grow rich", a manual of know success written by Napoleon Hill. In chapter 14, Hill says the following:
"This is what this author knows: that there is a power, or a first cause, or an intelligence that pervades every atom of matter, and embraces every unit of energy detectable by humans..." This intelligence can, through the principles of this philosophy, induce to aid in the transmutation of wishes in concrete and material form. The author has this knowledge, because he has experienced with it - and because he has experienced it".

Another confirmation of the existence of these powers is of "as a man thinks" written by James Allen. Allen says:
"Nature help each man to the gratification of the thoughts that most encourages, and presents opportunities that will bring quickly to the surface both good and bad thoughts."

In other words, these authors confirm that whatever it is that we believe more deeply that we get in our lives, and that outside forces, in these cases of so-called intelligence and nature, will help us. Of course, as the above quote explains, this principle works in both directions of thought. Therefore, we must focus our thoughts on the positive to move in the direction we want. We must eliminate all negative thoughts and fear. These thoughts diluted the effectiveness of our mental powers and can even take us in the opposite direction. Use your powers for good and not for evil!
W Clement Stone says:

"What the mind of man can conceive and believe, can be achieved."

Jesus even confirms this up in the Bible when in Matthew 17:20 tells us:

"I assure you that if they had faith, though only out the size of a mustard seed, you can tell this hill: "Take off from here and go to another place,"and the hill will take away." Nothing would be impossible."

As you can see, this philosophy of belief is well documented. These men were not easily fooled. Napoleón Hill spent 20 years of his life researching the material that collected in his book. These men knew the power of the mind and tried to document it so that others could use it also.

Are you ready to believe? I could go on with more and more examples, but there is no space here to do so, however, you can research this for yourself if you want to or you can make the leap of faith now and start avail immediately.

Create and ten success or doubt and stay still

I know that some will be reluctant to accept these truths. For skeptics and critics, I tell them I hope they're happy in their circumstances. No matter how hard you work or how much effort put, without always using the principle of belief  it will be very limited in their achievements. Our minds have super powers that we can use to our advantage if we believe. The only question that remains is, would you believe?

Here concludes this article on How to use the power of the mind. Please continue browsing this website to discover hundreds of recipes about white magic and witchcraft.

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