Witchcraft: What is it? How does it work? Can I make spells?

What is witchcraft? The word wizardry is already common to all of us. The children already know this word of fairy tales stories. The dictionary defines it as the "set of knowledge and practices used to dominate the events or the will of the people", but let's see more detail really what is sorcery, what is its origin and how we can use it today.

History and definition of witchcraft

 Witchcraft: What is it? How does it work? Can I make spells?Witchcraft originated with human civilization itself. The fear of the unknown and its power to make our day to day life more easy or difficult, gave rise to the first witches and their craft. While such witchcraft was practiced mainly by older women and with experience, the men also practiced it. The witches were the mediators between human beings and the mysterious supernatural powers as they were, for example, spirits and angels. When a witch could solve the seemingly mysterious problem of someone, this practice was called magic, a process that cannot be easily explained by any logical analysis. Witches invoked to higher powers or spirits in search of help and guidance to solve the problem by performing certain rituals, and this process was called sorcery.

Witchcraft or sorcery, an Earth-based religion is practiced in almost all societies and cultures of the world according to the beliefs and traditions.
According to scholars of sorcery, it was a belief system whose origin is older than most of the known on this earth religions. Back to 40,000 years ago, to the Paleolithic period. It has evolved since then and its current form is very different from what was a thousand or five thousand years ago. It is likely that it didn't have the same name then. Different brotherhoods practiced witchcraft in a different way.

Witchcraft and Wicca

When witchcraft is practiced as a religion, it is called by the old English term for "witch", which is "Wicca". This term is used to counteract the negative stereotypes that society has given witchcraft. Wicca is primarily a religion that worships nature and sees all of the creation as something sacred. Indeed, every sacred day of Wicca follow the cycles of nature and the changes in stations. Wicca also worships both a male deity as female, who together would have created the world and everything in it.
But there are many misconceptions about witchcraft and whether it is good or bad. Many people think that everything revolves around being a witch, black or white. When you've decided to investigate for yourself and practice witchcraft, you shall be regarded as one of the two types of witches and sorcerers: black or white.

We are going to see a clearer definition and an explanation of what it means to be a black or white witch. Witchcraft is a religion (either white or black) as a whole. It admires and gives greater respect for our mother nature. That is why any witch or wizard understands that any spells and other rituals that are made without regard for mother nature have no effect. They believe that everything that happens has to do with mother nature. She is responsible for witchcraft either black or white. Therefore, it can sometimes be positive and sometimes negative. At certain times, it can also be of both modes. Like anyone, it can feel the love, but at other times you feel fear.
To respond to the concern of how to know if someone is a sorcerer black or white, it's like asking someone if he is a good Christian or not, and see or not see if he goes to church. The same happens with the witches.

Witchcraft today

Unfortunately, in the last hundred years, the image of the witch has partnered with evil and sinful life due to the prejudices created by the Christian Church. But more recently some people have begun to understand and practice sorcery as the true religion of God and nature. There is a renewed interest in witchcraft, and modern witches profess belief and practice sorcery with a sense of pride and confidence. Believers in the New age movement have understood to witchcraft in its true perspective.
Modern witchcraft attracts believers from all classes and position in society around the world. They meet to study life, nature, evolution and mysteries of the universe through sorcery. Witchcraft is the most democratic religion in the world. There are no rigid dogma and no hard rules with the exception of a simple premise that we must not sow the seeds of evil if we don't want to reap the fruit of the bad times, and secondly that we shouldn't abuse the generosity of nature disrupting its balance. Who can be in disagreement?

Witchcraft, a way of life

You must understand that Wicca, paganism, and witchcraft are clearly spiritual belief systems and a way of life. Believers in witchcraft in general, work on sabbaths and each coven develops its own system of worship, rituals and practices of witchcraft based on the experience and beliefs of its members. You can also practice witchcraft on your own without join any groups.
Sometimes more than 13 members of a coven are considered too large and is divided into smaller groups. This freedom allows each individual to practice sorcery in its own way without the need to be limited to a rigid dogma or regime.
Don't exist hard rules about how to do witchcraft.
The first step to learning how to do witchcraft is to meet people, read books and literature on witchcraft. This will allow understanding the basics of witchcraft as a religion.
The next step is to formulate your own opinion of witchcraft listening to your intuition or hunches. If you feel uncomfortable with any group or belief system, you can immediately exit out of it.

Individual approach

The magic of witchcraft is felt by each individual in a different way. When you find that there are striking similarities between what you already believe and what you find here, your confidence in your intuitive consciousness will be strengthened and you will communicate easily with each other and understand them better. It is necessary to take the following steps to learn more about how to do witchcraft.
As already indicated above, read everything related to witchcraft you can find. Your views on Wicca and witchcraft will be made clearer and stronger. When you have learned as much as you can about the beliefs and dogmas of basic witchcraft, you will be able to decide if the old ways are right for you.

Your own book of shadows

While you're studying sorcery, you will begin to form partnerships and find some synergies within yourself. Make a diary and continue analizing your experiences. Write down why you believe that witchcraft is the right path for your life. What it means to be a witch or sorcerer for you? What do you hope to achieve with this knowledge? Do you have fears about following this path? How do you feel about the God and the goddess? What do you feel about the divine?
You must try to be absolutely honest in the expression of your beliefs and ideas since this is your private book and no one is going to read it. The more you write clearer your true path will be. This diary eventually will become your own book of shadows and help you in the definition and design of your own dedication and self-initiation ritual. This should absolutely be your own ritual. Design it the way you want and in a way that is meaningful to you, following your own impulses. A dedication ritual is exactly what sounds to you that it is. You are dedicating yourself to the magic and decide to live life more close to God and nature. You are entering into a commitment with yourself and the divine.

Follow your instincts

There is no right or wrong answers or questions. Question yourself, look inside and to develop your own personal philosophy on witchcraft. This is the beauty of this religion. You are your own guide. You don't have to follow the steps of others blindly or strictly. Witchcraft is about the own evolution. Your own diary will help you to define and clarify your understanding of this path.
The most important thing is that you listen to your inner voice that is the best advice and never distracted. If you find that something you read or hear it is not suitable for you, leave it completely.

Here concludes this article on witchcraft. Continue browsing this website to discover more resources of white magic, love spells, money, and more.

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