Angel's perfume to attract love

Angel's perfume to attract love
Are you looking for some perfume of angels to attract love? Today you will meet two.
Many people prefer to make a perfume that a spell of love, the truth is that both the perfume and the spell are effective if and when they do well.

I can not say that one is better than the other, since the two met its mission, but there is something that if I have noticed is that perfumes tend to give quicker results.

A significant difference between a perfume of love and a ritual is that perfume must apply it daily, however the spell is made and forgotten (something that few have in mind).

Sera that the perfume tends to be powerful, when the perfume is created to bewitch to another person, the ideal is to place something of the beloved within the perfume, for example the most common is to place a hair.

Making a perfume today is not difficult, already in esoteric stores will get several essences of very good quality and low prices, also can be processed perfumes.
Although to tell the truth the perfumes that are available at these stores have little power, to make a perfume of these work must activate it at the Moon and devote it to your name, you already explain in another post how you can do it.

For now the best is that you do it, a perfume made by another person is expensive and sometimes means nothing, however if you do you will have more power and it's relatively cheap to manufacture it.

These esoteric perfumes do not apply as a normal colony, it must be little since some essences have a pretty strong odor, the correct way to do it is to put three drops on your neck and one below the navel.
Don't worry or think it is too little, a perfume is loaded with a special energy of love, with a single drop that you apply now you will be charged your also of that energy.

Remember that if it is to bring back the beloved must be something that has the power of the person, it is not mandatory but better results are obtained.

Now let's making this two perfumes.

Angel's perfume to attract love

Every single perfume has a role, the first is exclusively to attract the love of a woman and the second is only to attract the love of a man, what if I do it the other way around? It can't work or happen otherwise.

Perfume #1


  • Pure mineral oil
  • Essence of laurel
  • Essence of sandalwood
  • Vanilla essence
  • Cloves
  • A rose petal
  • Orange essence

A glass of mineral oil is placed in a pot, is added 7 drops of bay leaf, sandalwood 5, 7 vanilla essence, three cloves, the petal of the flower and is completed by placing only two drops of the essence of Orange.

Quantities should be such which is left for about 20 or 30 minutes then leave to cool and is passed by a Director, is packed and is ready to apply it.
At the time of packaging is the desire, or the name of the beloved, if only to get couple says only the desire.

Perfume #2 


  • Pure mineral oil
  • Rose water
  • Essence of hyacinth
  • Essence of violet
  • And essence of Orange

The procedure is as above, what changes are quantities, a glass of mineral oil, three of rose water, 4 hyacinth, violet 6 and you end up with 4 drops of the essence of Orange. Remember heated, allowed to cool, strain and then packaged.

In this way are made two perfume of angels to attract love, I hope that these fragrances will help you much.

If you want me to do this spell for you, you can hire my services by only 20 usd.

Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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