Prayer of pure love

Prayer of pure love. The smoke is mystical. It symbolizes the dreams, the lack of clarity, the mystery. Perhaps, why this sentence from the pure love is as effective. It is an effective way to get a loved one come to us. Many people use the the pure prayer to bring back a former partner. There are several methods to make this prayer. The first makes use of the power of the word. Pronouncing the sentence, this exerts its influence on the chakras of persons, as well as the situation, to create love, mental and sexual ties between two persons that will make true love.

The second and third method involves the use of blood. As it applies to the second method, the two names (your name and the name of your loved one) are written on the cigarette with your blood. When you use the third method, the cigarette is first soaked in your blood and is then given to the person so you smoke it. The effect of a spell of love with cigarette lasts from one day to several weeks. The spell of love stops if the person does not enjoy smoking the cigarette, each breath taking. Remember that smoking is not healthy, so you should not use this spell too often.

A spell of love with the help of a cigarette 

Prayer of pure loveTake a pack of cigarettes and open it. Put the cigarette tobacco in a dish and nivelalo. You focus on the person and imaginary writes his name on the plate with your left finger. Focus on the person and their future life in common. Make a mound with tobacco and switch it on. Place ashes in any drink, stir it and drink it. This love spell power is based on the unique magical powers of tobacco (smoke) into the person's mind, influencing their thoughts, while the fire burns all the obstacles that stand in the way of true love. Finally, pronounce this sentence, known as prayer of cigar or pure love, which makes use of the presence of the Santa Muerte to reach our ears if desired:

Prayer of pure love

I invoke your presence in the name of Santa Muerte.
the signal that I ask,
ye shall give unto me,
the ashes have to fall,
If you want to talk about me,
they will open the mouth
and they come with this prayer,
desperate and full of remorse to the same soles of my feet.

Soul of the four winds,
You, that vague freely around the world,
the seven spirits and souls seven,
with the power of death.

You, who roam free around the world,
in the streets, hills and villages,
If you find your soul...
Don't let that it pass unnoticed,
until you come and humble my feet;
If he sits,
Don't be alone;
you put my thoughts in his mind;
If he is asleep that you dream with me,
He can not rest in peace,
because he has heard your whisper in your ears.


Here concludes this article about this prayer of pure love. Still browsing this website to discover more prayers and spells home.

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