Symptoms of black magic

Black magic symptoms. Today we will see a fundamental aspect to identify the presence of Black Magic: the symptoms of the affected people. Many people do not know that they have been victims of an attack as it may appear in many different forms, such as diseases. The following are some of the things you can experience if you have been a victim of black magic.

Note: in cases of medical illness, could be caused by an act of black magic or just a disease, so remind doing two things, go to the doctor and do a spiritual cleaning also.

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Symptoms of black magic

Symptoms of black magic
  • The wife hates her husband to see his face. In this type of magic, when a woman looks at her husband feels anger, causing both to have a miserable life.
  • Having headache all the time. This is a common symptom of black magic.
  • Have infections in throat all the time. One feels pain and cannot speak, the voice seems to stay in the throat.
  • Difficulty in breathing. One can not breathe easily. He feels that it is choking.
  • Deafness: you cannot hear things and feel pain in the ears.
  • Women have their period ahead of time, and she seems to not be able to approach her husband. This is also done through magic.
  • Pain throughout the body. There is pain all over the body, and sometimes too in both legs or spine. One feels general weakness.
  • Make someone blind. Certain types of magic can cause one to lose sight.
  • Pain in the teeth: cavities, blood and pain in gums and teeth.
  • The heart to beat more quickly than should be. The heart rate are made faster. One feels as if it were a disease, but it is not.
  • Disease and constant fever.

Other symptoms of black magic

  • The head turns. It is a symptom of black magic to feel dizzy all the time.
  • Memory leaks. You can not remember anything for a while.
  • The brain doesn't work correctly. One wants to do one thing and do another.
  • Loss of desire to do anything. The heart wants to run away from things. Lost interest in his work.
  • Begin smoking tobacco or smoking more than usual.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Increase of the desire to have sex. Or make someone enter into prostitution.
  • Make someone hate their religion, or the Holy Book and its creator.
  • Loss of dreams.
  • Heartburn and chest pain.
  • Problems in the liver. A clear sign of black magic. The liver is an important organ in the human body, so some people when they want to destroy someone sent spells that victim to try to damage your liver.
  • Make a man gay. A man fails to see physically involved with a woman because your body becomes useless.
  • Children weaken and die. In this kind of black magic, the child becomes seriously weak, his condition deteriorates day by day and finally dies.
  • A woman loses her son during pregnancy.
  • Livestock becomes sick. Symptom of magic with animals. Animals do not give milk and remain sick.
  • Pain in bones and joints. Arthritis.
  • Make the face look ugly. The woman becomes ugly and people think that it looks like a witch.
  • Conversion of an infertile woman. This symptom of black magic appears when a woman becomes infertile and cannot have children.
  • The destruction of someone's House. Disturbing the peace of someone's House and let everything destroyed and in poor condition.
  • Make that a husband suspects his wife. This creates problems in their lives.
  • Make the rich poor. The wealth of a person can be removed with black magic.
  • The period stops. Appears the menopause, even before its time.
  • A person is completely crazy. It is completely out of their senses.

Here concludes this list of symptoms of black magic. Learn how to combat these symptoms with the following practical guides:

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