Can we remember our past lives in dreams?

Usually we associate with happiness, successes, dreams or with an impossible journey. Sometimes the dreams represent a different reality, wishes that we would like to see fulfilled. What no one can deny is that dreams are an integral part of the human experience, and studies have shown that all beings, including animals, dream. But, what are dreams? Why do we have them? And, the most mysterious of all, what do they mean?

Most of us can remember at least one dream. Even for those who are lucky to get a deep enough sleep state and which tend not to remember their dreams, sometimes they are tormented by dreams that makes them wake up suddenly. According to science, some research has shown that we dream several times during the night, even if we do not wake us enough to remember them. So, where do these dreams come from?

The simple answer is that there are material manifestations of our subconscious mind. Some experts in the field say that subconscious our potential is untapped as humans, including latent psychic abilities as telepathy, spiritual knowledge about the universe or forgotten memories (including the memories of past lives). It is here where we wanted to get, our dreams could conceal basic information about our past lives, the key to discover who we are and why we are here.

Have you ever had dreams about past lives?

Can we remember our past lives in dreams?
The dreams of past lives, also known as karmic dreams, can give us an indication of who you were in a past life and also of the certain skills or even the origin of certain inexplicable fears people, places or things. The dreams of past lives can appear many times during life and not change. We can dream of being in another time, dressed in old clothes or even speaking a different language. The sequence of events that take place do not change, and the dream is always the same. And if we can figure it out, we will be able to discover the origin of inexplicable fears, beliefs, and behaviors.

Then, how do I know if the dream is related to past lives?

There are several tracks, the most obvious are the details surrounding the dream. If you are dreaming that you're in another era riding or driving an old-timer in a place if identified, you may be experiencing a past life. The same happens with old fashion styles, landscapes, family members who do not recognise in this life, structures or objects that are not current. Other signals to keep in mind is that sometimes in the dream we are unaware of being ourselves or an ethnicity different from ours, that without doubt are a hallmark of be dreaming of a possible past life.

But experts point out that greater indicator lies in the emotions we feel while you are experiencing the dream. This does not mean that all dreams are not emotional, because they certainly are. In our dreams, our most hidden feelings there are to our attention, but the memory about past lives has a very specific emotional quality.

Whether our dreams to contain a memory of past or not lives, the most important is to focus on what they mean for us. As I mentioned earlier, they are a direct towards our interior line and tend to be related events or issues that they are happening (or are about to happen) in our current lives. They emerge to educate us about a truth that we cannot see, helps us to make decisions, and resolve our issues in a better way. This is exactly the same purpose as for the past lives, which not to inquire into our inner minds and discover our true goals in life.

Recurring dreams

As discussed previously, if you experience repeated dreams, you will have to pay attention to all the details. Sometimes these dreams point to karmic situations that you might have experienced before. Even, sometimes dreams can provide us with clues about some event lived in the past. Experts in the field believe that the most common reasons to explain dreams k rmicos, is because they still have the burden of past distressing situations. As in the case of a positive or negative situation, anyone who has experienced this feeling must "collect" all possible information in order to solve future experiences. It is for this reason that should pay careful attention to the symbols, signs, meanings and deeper keys.

But it is also important to rely on own intuition, and if not possible would be necessary to request the help of a professional to guide you through these dreams. Our recommendation is to request the help of experts such as Elise Defer, who voluntarily can help a person to recognize the dreams of his past life, as well as the way in which can affect you today.

So, how can we know the meaning of our dreams?

In general, the dreams end up being chaotic images caused by something happened before falling asleep. But the reality is that dreams are, literally, messages transmitted to people. We encourage everyone to write all his dreams since it will help you in the ability to remember the dream the next day.

This practice helps to establish a powerful intention that dreams help us as we work hard to explore the life and meet the challenges. And naturally, we will take awareness of past lives and how they relate to our everyday life, as well as the ability to tune into our own prophetic powers as we walk through the symbolism of discover the future. So now, sleep well and dream, since you never know what you will discover. Are you ready to learn about dreaming with your past lives?

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