Chinese Magic Spells

The Chinese magic rituals go back thousands of years ago. After so long familiarity with the magical practice, it is normal that all social classes of China believe in its effectiveness. These beliefs are based, firstly, on the idea that most of the phenomena are controlled by spirits. Secondly, they drink from the source of the mysticism of Lao Tse.

Chinese magic system, ranges from the Mughal from their primitive religion origins, to the most esoteric and high of Taoism forms. The rituals and magical practices of shamans in the Mongol tribes, are the basis of Shinto (Shinto). From China, Shinto was Japan, bringing with him a belief in spirits, mediums and the preparation of spells.

In both cultures, the spiritual hierarchy is very similar. The spirits are divided into four classes:

•The Supreme intelligence, which is only one.
•The celestial intelligences or Angelicales.
•The Spirits of the planets.
•The Spirits of death.

On the other hand, the magic tool popular in China is the mirror. These are essential in the fight against evil spirits. The use of mirror has a dual purpose. The first one is to reflect the true appearance of the demons. Once this has been reflected in a mirror, his power is weakened and already can not continue attacking the owner of the same. The second use is to ensure the heavenly happiness through his possession.

Chinese Spells

The method by which a mirror becomes magical is a secret well kept by Chinese magicians. But what is known is that, the more old and large, will be more able to 'get' the evil spirits that we have within our home. The magic mirror has to be always covered, and only used to see if there are demons nearby.

Chinese witches believe in the efficacy of spells. These must be in dark red on yellow paper, or normal red. To do this, use a pencil made from peach wood, tracing a strange calligraphy which is called "Heavenly". This spells, once written on paper, often sticking above a door or hiding under the hair. They also burn them, mixing the ashes with tea or water, and then drink it. So, good luck permeates the entire body.

In terms of belief in spiritualism and mediums, everything is deeply rooted in China. Thus, for example, automatic writing is used frequently to communicate with those who are on the "other side". This is done by means of a sand box and a rod of peach, to pen mode, tools used by spirits through the medium. Those present at the meeting, ask questions by typing them in strips of paper. Then burn them, and when burn medium write responses in the sand.

The oddest thing is that pencil is placed between the two turns up the medium's hands. Thus it is impossible to control the movement and writing. It turns out that it works, and none of the people who have witnessed this know to explain how.

During this ritual, the spirit that manifests itself is treated with courtesy, and even offers a place where to sit. At the time of leaving, and after having answered the necessary questions, attendees give thanks, accompany him outside the building and fired in the middle of bow and exclamations. As it should be according to the famous oriental courtesy.

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