How to make a Session of Spiritism

Do you remember when you were a child and you reunías with your friends to make a Spiritism session? If you now do a second to remember your past, it is likely that you remember those mysterious sounds that you hear while you were at the meeting. It is possible that you are thinking that it was just your imagination of childhood. But really was Yes?

A Spiritism session is defined as a gathering of people trying to communicate with the dead, usually through a medium. These "meetings" have taken place for centuries, and although the tools and the methods used to carry out a Spiritism session have changed over time, the main elements and objectives remain the same.

But what many people are unaware of is that these meetings become real invitations for supernatural entities. These entities may feel communication attempts, although in some cases it is possible that these spirits are not entirely harmless. But if even so want to communicate with spirits or other entities through a seance, just continue reading.

History of Spiritism

How to perform a Session of SpiritismAs mentioned in the article dedicated to the birth of spiritualism, in the mid-1800 sessions held traditionally inside a circle formed by participants known as "babysitters". The purpose of the circle was to create a never-ending energy field to attract the spirits. The circle formed with chairs placed around a round or oval table. Depending on the medium, asked those present held hands, attach the wrist or simply place your hands on the table.

But it was not until 1848, three sisters from New York, Leah, Margaret and Catherine Fox, became news for its unusual ability to communicate with the spirit. Even the Fox sisters , they ensured that a spirit revealed to them that had the body of a man buried in the basement of their House, although this was not demonstrated until 1904. Maggie and Kate, the youngest sisters, communicated with the spirits through typtology, sounds generated by shock. And in a short time the sisters became international celebrities and conducted seances for the rich and powerful.

Hazards during a Spiritism session

Before you begin with the definitive guide to communicate with spirits through seances, we must warn of the dangers that can lead to the use of this practice. The vast majority of experts in the paranormal claim that the sessions are a door open for spirits and entities of the most beyond and that may remain for a few minutes or they can choose to stay much longer. But the real danger begins at the moment in which the communication is done incorrectly, can access our reality malevolent entities or not human. These entities will be in contact with us with a single object, cause an irreparable damage to our lives.

Really there is no way to know who or what will respond after an inadequate communication. Sometimes it can be fun, rude, threatening, or something worse. But remember, the worst can happen depending on who or what is to your around.

Before performing a Spiritism session

After this introduction and the dangers that can lead to this type of communication, you're now wondering how you can make a Spiritism session, and believe it or not you it is nothing difficult. With a little preparation and guiding you with these simple steps, at any time you can try to get in touch with your deceased loved ones. But before you start the session of Spiritism, answer the following questions:

  • What are your goals for the session of spiritualism? What is your true purpose?
  • There is one person in particular that you would like to get in touch during the session of spiritualism?
  • Where are you going to make your session of spiritualism? We remind you that it is not necessary to do so in a haunted place.
  • Who would you like that you participate? Depending on who you are, the communication will be much easier.
  • Are you going to communicate with that? You can use practically any esoteric element, such as a Ouija board or a pendulum.
  • Are you going to record your session? Occasionally, video cameras and digital voice recorders can pick up voice phenomena electronic that can not be heard at the time that the session is being held, but that can later be analyzed on computers.

Instructions on how to perform a Spiritism session

Once you've decided the who, what, where and when, you're ready to start your session of Spiritism.

The first thing is to choose a place that this relatively free of noise and light pollution. Choose a dark room to minimize visual stimulation. Unplug all electronic appliances in the room to minimize the possibility of interference of sound. Ask the participants to turn off their mobile phones.

If you are using recording equipment, mentioned in the recorder the date, time and the name of all those present. If you have chosen to have a session with an Ouija board, pendulum or some other esoteric spiritualism, place it in the Center. Decide who will play the Board or hold the pendulum.

Sometimes, some attendees prefer to say a brief prayer of protection before performing a Spiritism session.

From here is the moment of asking the spirits to communicate with them.

Get the participants to form a Circle.

He begins to ask questions. Questions Yes or no work best. You can ask things like: "Is there anyone here who wants to talk to us?"

All the present must be still more possible. If someone makes a noise, you have to identify who was responsible for that noise.

Continue asking questions and takes notes on the answers you get.

When you have finished, thanks to the spirits for allowing you to communicate with them.

How to know when the spirits have been in contact with us?

There is no safe way of knowing if the contact has been successfully. Sometimes things that happen during a session of Spiritism are very subtle, as light hits. This could be attributed to a spirit, or could be someone present in the room making a noise without wanting to. Keep an open mind and try first to discredit everything that you see or hear. If you don't find a logic, it is possible that it has begun the contact.

Now that you know how to make a Session of Spiritism, you're ready to get in touch with those who are not among us. But be careful with whom you communicate, it could be something that you'll never forget in your life.

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