Scarab, amulet of the ancient Egypt

Scarab, amulet of the ancient Egypt
Talk about Ancient Egypt without evoking some degree of mystery, certain atmosphere of esotericism is little less than impossible. The truth is that many are the mysteries surrounding the builders of the pyramids. In the middle of the desert, the magic was then the order of the day.

Active and passive magic, to do good things or to cause evil ones, to attack or to defend... Egyptians use many amulets which helped them to ward off the bitter part of life. The most famous of them all is, without a doubt, the beetle or scarab.

Thousands of years ago, the range of amulets used was infinite. There were all types, sizes and colors. Some were famous or more respected than others. One of the best known is beetle and whose legend has come very much alive to our times.

Scarab, amulet of the ancient Egypt 

An amulet of great power that had form of dung beetle was known under the name of "scarab". This bug was the Sun and constituted, in Egyptian mythology, a clear metaphor for the resurrection. The scarab protects the wearer against evil, visible or invisible and granted every day important dose of power, strength and energy. If it was in the hands of a dead man, said that it would rise and would reach the desired eternal life.

This figure was related to the of the God Khepri, a form of Ra as a rising sun and symbolized the constant transformation of the existence. Several were species of beetles that enjoyed a status in Ancient Egypt. It was believed at that time that this animal could only be male and that he was depositing the semen in a ball of dung. This self-reproduction is what links it to Khepri, as this God created himself from nothing.

Egyptian scarab can be manufactured in various materials, among them the soapstone, basalt, granite, Amethyst, Carnelian, or gold. They tend to be small sizes and have a hole that allows to be set in a necklace. Large sculptures of these beetles so special can be found in the temples of Thebes, at the Serapeum of Alexandria and elsewhere in Egypt.

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