Pentacle. Meaning of the Tetragrammaton

In this article, we will explain in detail what is a Tetragrammaton Pentagram, and what means the esoteric Pentagram.

"The symbol expresses the domain of the spirit on the elements of nature. We can command from the elemental creatures that inhabit the regions of fire, air, water and land with this magical sign.
The demons tremble and flee terrified in the presence of this symbol.

The symbol with its apex pointing up requires dark entities to disperse.

The symbol with its apex pointing down is used to appeal to the dark entities.

When the symbol is placed in the soil of the threshold of the room, with its apex pointing inwards and its two lower vertices outside of the room, it prevents the black magicians.
The Pentagram is the flamboyant star. The Pentagram is the sign of the word made flesh, and according to the direction of its vertices, can represent God or the devil.
When the apex of the Pentagram is pointing towards the sky, represents Christ.
When the two bottom corners of the five-pointed star are pointing towards the sky, represents Satan.

Meaning of the TetragrammatonThe star represents the human being in its entirety.

The star with its apex pointing upward is the master.

The star with its apex pointing down and their two bottom corners directed upward is the fallen angel.
Thus, each fall Bodhisattva is the flamboyant star inverted. In fact, each started that dropped becomes a star invested in flames". -Samael Aun Weor, the perfect marriage

Meaning esoteric Pentagram

The esoteric Pentagram is a tool to practice ceremonial magic. It should be used with utmost care, as forces generated at its around are unpredictable. The esoteric Pentagram symbol is based on the Kabbalistic attributes of the tree of life in the world of Assiath.

It is recognized that the star Pentagram and its signs and called esoteric symbols represents the "microcosmic man" or the "microcosmic Star" as it is also called, which means that this expression sounds in unison and intrinsically, and universal analogy with the "macrocosm". From this perspective, it follows the multiplicity of designs, shapes and positions of staves that can be seen publicly, because of the freedom to experiment, affinity, and harmony of the nature of each microcosm.

What does the esoteric Pentagram

The five prints of the great light are represented within the esoteric Pentagram.
The Gnostic star is the human figure with four limbs, and a unique vertex that is the head.
The sign of the Pentagram is also called the sign of the microcosm. It represents what the Kabbalists of the Zohar book call the Microprosopos.

When the upper corner of the Pentagram is pointed upwards, it is the Savior of the world.
When the two bottom corners of the Pentagram are pointing upward, represents the goat of the coven.
A human figure with the head down, obviously, represents a daemon, i.e. an intellectual subversion, disorder or madness.
The star, which in the Gnostic schools is known as the Flaming Star, is the sign of magic omnipotence.
The five corners of the great light and the five auxiliaries are contained within the Flaming Star. The five auxiliary are the five archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Sariel.
All the treasure of the light is contained within the star.
The understanding of the magical Pentagram is the key of the two spaces.
The sign of the perfect star must be composed of the seven metals, or at least layout in pure gold on virgin white marble.
The following are the seven metals: silver, mercury, copper, gold, iron, tin and lead.

When the Pentagram is drawn with charcoal in the soil of the threshold of the room, with its bottom pointing towards the outside of the room, two corners do not allow the entry of dark entities.
The staff has to be enshrined with four elements, as they are recited the exorcisms of fire, air, water and land.
Five breaths should be on the figure of the esoteric Pentagram.
The star of fire must be sprayed five times with water ritual.
The figure of the esoteric Pentagram should be dried with the smoke from five perfumes: incense, myrrh, aloe, sulfur, and camphor.

Subsequently, the star is placed in the soil, on alternating to the North, South, East, and West.
The name of Aleph and the sacred name of Thau should be pronounced, United in the cabalistic name of Azoth.

What means the esoteric Pentagram?

While the five breaths on the Flaming Star, the auxiliary five magical Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Michael, and Sariel, must be invoked.
The esoteric Pentagram, Flaming Star, the sign of the Divine omnipotence, the ineffable symbol of the Word made flesh, the super star of the Magi, also named Pentalpha because it contains in itself five Alphas, i.e. five letters "A" within its five angles.

PENTA = means five in Greek.
ALPHA = the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
GRAMMA = chart or letter in Greek.

Around the Pentalpha, we find the word TETRAGRAMMATON.

TETRA = means four in Greek.

GRAMMA = means chart or letter in Greek.

TON = in the Greek language at the end of any word, denoting the union of two, three, four, five or more units, or letters in a single name or unit.

TETRAGRAMMATON is thus the word magic or in Greek "mantra" of an immense spiritual power that synthesizes in one unit the four Kabbalistic letters.

Here concludes this article on esoteric Pentagram and the Tetragrammaton. I hope that you have found it helpful. Continue browsing this blog to learn more about White magic, share with your friends and feel free to make any question, my blessings!

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