Spells to keep a woman away from my husband

You're a very special person and deserve to have a loving and happy relationship. Many people have experienced exactly what they're going through now: a harmful, negative person tries to steal your husband. However, there is something you can do. With the power of Voodoo Magic you can arm yourself to protect your lover and keeping your relationship strong and solid.

Spells to keep a woman away from my husband

Do you have a rival or some romantic competition? It’s normal. This is not a signal that the relationship is failing, but simply a problematic person who should be retained as far as possible to make your relationship work naturally and be happy together. Today we will see how to work spells to keep away a woman of your couple, whether your boyfriend, husband or any kind of lover, with home-made ritual that you can prove easily and for free using common ingredients.

Spell to get a woman away from my husband

Spells to keep away a woman of my husbandThis spell has its origin in the Voodoo tradition and will the person who wants to seduce your partner to lose interest. You will need:
  • A small glass container
  • A glass of water
  • Two teaspoons of vinegar
  • A bit of lemon juice
  • A little angelica

In a waning moon night, go out and mix all ingredients under the Moon, using a wooden spoon. Then, keeping the mixture close to your face, breathe while you verbally express the objective of your spell. For example, while visualizing the person you want to move, say out loud: "Stay away from my husband", or "Go away now!". Spit in the mixture and then have to pour this mixture near the front of the House of your opponent. If you don't know where she lives, you can pour the mixture on a ground where to know that the person will walk or walked on. This will be for seven consecutive nights. We will learn other spells to remove a person.

Spells to keep a woman away from my husband

How can I do a spell to keep a person from my boyfriend? To ward off a potential lover (or existing lovers) from your man, also you can try this spell of "tunnel vision". This spell should be initiated with a great amount of energy built through a source of solid and then executed in a softer way for seven days using a candle. The first thing you have to do is enter the name of your lover in the bottom of the candle. Take anything you have in your partner, a photograph, a bit of hair, or something that has been used, and place on your altar. Then, rub the candle top down using an oil that is suitable for this spell. You can use frankincense essential oil. Make a list of what you want your partner to feel for you. You must also build this sense of what you want to feel you inside you. This part is very important since it is through your emotions that Panel on the other. Now draw your circle of protection and grounding your energy. Fill your body with the energy and the light of the candle. Use that energy and concentrate it in a circle between your hands and above the candle. Concentrate on thoughts that you want to have your partner you and di: "just me, just see me". Continue doing this until the seventh part of your candle has burned. Then concentrates the energy in objects that you have it and again I tell: "only me, only see me". Once you've finished loading with your energy photo of your lover and what has been touched by it, it elevates this energy that you generated in your hands and say "Go get it". Do this all day for seven days and you've made a lanyard so that your partner can’t think of any other woman or man. Then takes the objects that you used for this spell and put them in a bag or wrap them in a cloth, and hide them in a place where no one can find them. We will continue seeing spells to keep away a woman from my boyfriend.

Spell to find out who wants to get your man

This is a spell to find out who is your opponent, who wants to take your partner. You'll need a fire and a stick. Heat the tip of the rod in the flame until it is very hot. Then take it outside, to an area close to your House, where you know that your husband or lover will have to walk to get to your House. Using tip burning Red-hot writes the name of the person who you suspect is your opponent on the ground. The name will not be visible to anyone but you. Make sure you see your partner walking over that area on his way home. Later, if he complains of burns or pain in the feet, the name which you had written was correct. If he is not complaining, you can try again with another name in the following night.

Here concludes this article about spells to keep a woman away from my husband, please continue browsing this website to discover many more homemade rituals and spells. All our spells have been tested and function both in theory and in practice.


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