How to prevent negative events with magical objects

Plants, gems, and aromas that can move you and your family from misfortunes.

There is no worse blind which doesn't want to see, the saying goes, and if you do not want to find out what the cosmos tells him is a responsibility merely yours, because the universe through different signs us is warning of issues that could happen to us and that can be, in some ways, is unclear.

It is not easy to change this attitude and opening of signals. You can be achieved with hard practical work on intuition, clairvoyance, using different methods such as meditation, for example. However in this note, we seek to be more simplistic and that it may prevent malignant events using natural or symbolic objects that thanks to its great beneficial power to reject and move all kinds of negative issues that affect people or places.

Protective magic plants

The energy and magical power of some plants prevents the predisposition of its inhabitants to fights, conflicts, loss of money, diseases. We show you some should have in your home:


With their thorns repels intruders and thieves and absorbs the negative energy that may have in the home. It is recommended to place it in the extreme part of the House: patios, gardens, balconies and terraces. When placed inside, believed what may delay plans or projects. Planting four together, each facing a cardinal point to ensure the protection of the House total.


It symbolizes the autumn and is associated with the gentle widow, happiness, and the home. Its intense yellow color is very appreciated by the Japanese, and Chinese cultures, the beauty of your flower.


Queen in its kind, is the flower of wealth and honor. It symbolizes the love and affection, for that reason it is recommended onto the House and enjoy its protective benefits against heartbreak. The Chinese say that if Bush blooms and leaves acquire a green intense, you will have good luck.


Watering with this herb infusions the entrance of houses or business dissolves negativity and opens the mind to clairvoyance. Combat also hexes and evil invisible presences. It is a powerful plant which should be used with extreme caution.

The power of the gems

Stones and gems have different magical virtues so much for health care as for success, fame, fortune, etc. In this case, are which better act in the case of defence:


Protects against outside danger, movement away from envy and malice. It attracts the sympathy and the courage to withstand contingencies.


It symbolizes hope and good luck. It is considered as the gem of sailors and travelers since they used it in the past to reach destination unscathed. It has a protective function as it is considered that who possess this stone will have premonitory dreams which may prevent mishaps.


It was formerly carried out to avoid the temptations of alcohol and to attract the favor of important people. This gem provides magical protection and helps to achieve spiritual elevation, maturity and wisdom.


It has been used since ancient times as magical protection from enchantments of love against the will. Protects the malice and harmful influences of enemies. It also attracts the comprehension and understanding.


It is considered a gem of good fortune which gives its bearer the realization of all your wishes of health, prosperity, and honor. It is, also, a silent protector against all hazards on land, sea and air.


As the most reflective and glittering stones, it is protective. In turn it is or used to give to the body physical energy in times of fatigue, stress or disease. It increases psychic awareness and is recommended for women who want to explore their male part. Being governed by the element of fire is very suitable for everything to do with the sexual magic, as well as red Jasper or Garnet. When life seems to have lost its sweetness, this stone helps to retrieve it and get energy. It helps us to cut those ties, both emotional and mental, preventing us to evolve into the day to day.


It is a stone of great energy power that has been used as carrier of health and longevity in the East and in the Mayan civilization, for example. In addition, it draws wisdom to resolve conflicts that anticipate negative events. It is often used in jewelry and charms, because power your strength when you have direct contact with the gem.

Tiger eye

This stone is so called since it seems a cat eye. This quality gives you the power to see beyond and anticipate what comes, whether positive or not. In this case, if you get this gem you must clean energy - by washing with water and salt - and then take it between your hands, concentrate on the issue that concerns you and open your perception so that the message received is a guide for the solution or the necessary care.

Here ends this article about How to prevent negative events with magical objects. You can continue browsing this site to find more white magic and ritual spells for love, money and health.

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