Protection spells

Protection spells used in different cultures and magical traditions vary depending on what is perceived as a magical or spiritual threat in every culture or tradition.

For example, in cultures where the evil eye is a great magical threat, there are hundreds of styles of charms for envy and spells to avoid the evil eye as a home protection spells.

On the other hand, in cultures where the hostile magic consists of throwing dust on the ground where victims go to walk, there are spells for protection for immunization of our energies to avoid these negative effects. In other words, the protection against enemy spells are many, and very old, and depend on what effect we want to avoid, or what power we want to protect ourselves.

Protection Spell Protection spells

Incantations and spells for protection deal directly with the natural strength and our own energy. These spells create a sort of shield to your around, which forbids evil or dark, energies do you damage (to you or whoever you spell). When protection spells are released incorrectly doesn't pass anything, i.e., there are no adverse effects. Let's look at some simple and effective spells that you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones in a free and powerful way.

Spell for protection at all times

This spell you will protect against any evil and enemies who wish to harm.
You will need:
Your wand
Blue or silver glitter
Quiet place - best outdoor

Spells for protection against enemies

You will need your wand for this spell. The best is to be blue, white or silver the easiest way to accomplish this is to tie a ribbon around the wand for the spell. In this way, you can remove it later.
1. the best is go out for this spell because open air and its movement will help disperse the glitter and magic.
2 draw a circle or create a sacred space.
3 Go around on each side, beginning with the West, then North, East, and South, and hits or touches the ground with your magic wand, as you say:

Protection spells"I call you, you who guards the watchtowers of the (West),
guide me through the darkness, and ensures my safety."

Do this four times, once in each direction.
4. now put you in the center of the circle and say:
"In the shadows, the ills are hidden,
Ready to draw me into the darkness,
But with your help, I will be strong
And banish all that makes me stumble.
Send them, who I look bad, astray
Never again will cross me, so seal my fate.
While you pronounce the last 3 lines, spread the glitter circle to your around.
5 close the circle, and eat something to restore your energy!

Lunar protection spell 

When you go out at night, or you face a difficult situation at night, it is advisable to meditate for one minute and then do this spell.

Takes a sacred personal object (for example your wand or an amulet of protection) and draws with the a Pentagram in the air (five-pointed star). If you don't have anything at hand, use your index finger. Imagine the shining Pentagram and all the evil that there is about being trapped inside until you have finished the stressful situation. It is pronounced:

"Moon sacred and eternal,
The night you are the Queen;
Protect me from all evil,
Until the light back to shine."

Here concludes this article about home protection spells . Continue browsing this Blog to discover many more recipes of spells for love, money and much more, and remember always be nice with all people! You can drop your comments here.

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