Voodoo course: learn the rituals of voodoo magic

Voodoo, Voodoo magic or Voodoo spells is a type of magic practiced in variety of peoples of West Africa. Voodoo magic leads the centuries being developed by Kabze, Mina, Ewe and Fon, peoples who currently live in countries such as Ghana, Togo and Benin. The word Vodou comes from the Fon language, which means spirit. Voodoo was popularized in the West by the hand of the slaves who were brought from their ancestral lands in West Africa to the plantations and mines in the new world. This is why, the Voodoo today is more popular in countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Brazil and South of the United States, where a greater percentage of the population is of African descent.

While in the West the magical aspects of Voodoo are mainly known, Voodoo is much more than that. It is a religion followed by millions of people, with an own Cosmology and creation myths. Voodoo followed by the African diaspora in the new world differs from the African Voodoo in the mixture of elements from European religions like Christianity and native traditions of the American continent and the descendants of African peoples of other regions, like the people of congo of Central Africa.

Voodoo religion

Voodoo course: learn the rituals of voodoo magicVoodoo Cosmology revolves around the role of the spirits (vodun in Fon language) in everyday life, as well as the importance of other elements of magic and Heavenly essence that dominate and control life on Earth, with an organized hierarchy between these magical entities. Voodoo controlled all the elements of the world, from the rocks and trees, to persons and peoples, ethnic groups and entire Nations. The vudun, or Voodoo spirits are the center of spiritual life and intercede as intermediaries with higher entities. This aspect facilitated the emergence of syncretisms between Catholicism and Voodoo, assuming a parallel between the role of Saints and virgins with the of the vodun. The followers of Voodoo also attach great importance to the role of the ancestors, defending that the spirits of the dead are still among the living.

Creation of Voodoo myth argues that the universe was created by a female deity called Mawu, who gave birth to seven children to each which gave power to control a realm of nature. The deity Mawu and related to the Moon, while the main divinity men, called Lisa, and related to the Sun. In other traditions, Lisa is known as Legba and represented him with sexual and phallic symbols. The most important of the sons of Mawu and Lisa is Dan, who has no gender or sex, so it is able to create the balance that allows the existence of peace and order. All objects and beings in creation are considered divine and reflect the power of the gods who created them. In this way, the traditional medicine Voodoo emphasizes the role of the vodun in different healing elements. Voodoo talismans, fetishes, called tend to be composed of dried parts of animals or objects of nature.

In the religion of Voodoo, magical rituals tend to be carried out by priestesses that buscancontectar with the divine mother Mawu or minor deities who can intercede for favors. In many villages in West Africa, Voodoo priestesses perform ceremonies such as weddings and funerals and are one of the most important people in their communities. Voodoo priestesses is also part in decision-making on all aspects that affect the life of the community.

How is practiced Voodoo

The priestesses and Voodoo priest are elected at some point in their lives by an Oracle, after what is seclusion in a monastery to learn the secrets of magic and Voodoo religion. The oracles also designate who will play the role of high priest or high Priestess, the highest religious authority in Voodoo religion.

The Caribbean Voodoo varieties are more focused on the magical aspects and especially the magic on others that African Voodoo, which in general does not follow such practices. The most popular varieties are those developed in the French colonies, such as Haitian Vodou or Voodoo in Louisiana. In these varieties, the supreme deity is known as Bondye, from the French Bon Dieu (good God). Bondye is not often intercede for men, so to get to, Voodoo priests intercede to minor deities called Loa. There is multitude of Loas, each focused on an aspect of reality. Voodoo priests cultivated personal relationships with each of these Loas, and according to their degree of connection are able to get favors. The priestesses revere the Loa through the preparation of altars, the offering of sacrifices and the presentation of dances, music and ceremonies of possession.

In Haitian Vodou temples are called Nounfour. For the preparation of the masses, it is necessary to prepare the altars for at least two days prior to each service. The mass begins with a series of songs and prayers to various African and Christian deities, after which is van dedicating songs to different families of voodoo divinities. As the mass moves, participants are being visited by various spirits in the form of possessions and trances.

Devotion to each Loa represents the follow-up of a series of "taboos" or rules of behaviour imposed by each one of them. Different praises can impose different taboos, occasionally contradictory among them. Taboos monitoring guarantee the benefit of the Loa, although it can damage the relationship with other spirits. Therefore, every voodoo shaman to cultivate relationships with a number of eulogies according to their abilities. The breaking of taboos may trigger diseases, poverty, death of family members or death itself. Sometimes animal sacrifices may be offered. At the individual level, the practitioners of Voodoo tend to have one or several altars dedicated to their ancestors, as well as various deities and Christian Saints. The type of simple altar simply consists of a candle and a clear glass of water and some flowers. In a House of followers of Voodoo, it is usual that unique religious objects to the view are rosaries and Christian shrines. This is because, until recent times, the voodoo practices have been persecuted, so the followers had no choice but to hide the particular objects of religion.

How to make a Voodoo doll

Voodoo Dolls or magical dolls as also one can call them, are seen commonly in these days. Spells with Voodoo dolls is possible if you know where to get one. There was even a moment in which could be seen in nearly every corner of the streets and were sold by street vendors and street ' magicians'.

While all may seem the same for you, in fact there are many types that serve many purposes for which they are willing to entrust their fate to them.

Meet the powerful and effective voodoo magic attracts money, health, love and fortune in your life! Make your own Voodoo doll and begins to improve every aspect of your life!

One of the most famous are the dolls for the concerns. They said that "worry" in your place, so in time that you worry by a certain matter, concern snowman is covered for you - a feature that no doubt will be a success once again these days if it is making a comeback.

All you have to do is, basically, knotting some color of lace around the neck of the doll to signify an end. For example, red for physical health, yellow for the intellect, blue for work, purple spirituality, green for money, Orange for the emotions and pink, the most searched for love. As easy as that and have passed, literally, your concerns to your snowman, without having to launch those complex spells with Voodoo dolls.

Another thing you can do is to learn how to make your own oodoo doll. In fact, it is simple and everything you need are the basic materials of handicrafts, such as scissors, fabrics, and a piece of string, sewing and filling equipment.

It will be how to make a rag doll from scratch. It does not necessarily have to be perfect, what is important is that one put all their heart in it. It sounds a little corny, but this will make your Voodoo dolls more realistic and perhaps more effective.

Cast spells with Voodoo dolls is one of the oldest practices in the world of magic. They have been used either for good or ill, depending on the person wearing them. While seen as a means to get revenge on an enemy, now they are being encouraged by modern practitioners of Voodoo as a positive aid to help you with certain issues that are bothering you.

Use a positive point of view, the Voodoo dolls can be used to grant certain longings and desires and sometimes can motivate to a position more optimistic life, helping you to see your problems from a brighter perspective.

Always remember that with dolls Voodoo spells are only possible if you believe. So you have faith and at any time you can do to make your desires and longings come true with the help of the Voodoo magic and Voodoo dolls.

Index of Voodoo Spells

Here ends this Introduction to Voodoo. I hope that it is useful and continue reading this site in search of more recipes of witchcraft, incantations and spells.

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