How to do witchcraft to seduce a person with Voodoo Magic

How to make witchcraft to seduce someone. Voodoo is both a powerful magical way and a way of life for many people in the world. For centuries, people have used home for love, witchcraft and Voodoo spells and thus to improve their own lives. If you are considering to use Voodoo to improve your love life, there is no better way to start that with this spell Voodoo designed to make a person deeply fell in love it.

Here you will learn how to make homemade witchcraft to seduce someonee, even if you don't have access to much magical aid normally associated with the rituals of Voodoo. Although there's no denying that objects such as Voodoo dolls, bags of mojo, and human hair or blood can be powerful tools in any ritual Voodoo, these things are of no absolutely necessary for a spell to be effective.

How to do witchcraft to seduce a person with Voodoo MagicVoodoo takes advantage of benevolent energies of the universe helping you make positive changes in your life. Even without the magic tools listed above, you can use the power of your own will and strength of highly focused visualizations to get the most out of this spell and brighten your future. Don't let any old negative impression of Voodoo you have read the wrong books, films or television shows to avoid using the power of Voodoo to improve your life. This Voodoo love spell is risk-free and can help you to get (and keep) the love you want. Let's see How to do witchcraft to seduce.

How to do witchcraft to seduce a person

You need to spell:

  • Candle rose
  • Carton of red or pink construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Dish
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon powder of ginseng
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • Deities to invoke: Erzulie

Instructions: How to make homemade witchcraft to seduce someone

Cleans and enshrines the candle (read this article for instructions: How to make white magic spells )).
Mix sugar with ginseng powder and cinnamon. Cut a Voodoo doll with cardboard or construction paper. Light the candle and do it consciously. Keep in mind that fire has an affinity with the spiritual realm. Type your desires, objectives and goals in the back of the doll that you decorate. Be as specific as possible.

Make a call to Erzulie. Ask everything you want. Be honest and direct. Be clear and asks only operate in harmony with the universe.

Type the first name of your future lover in the front of the Voodoo doll 13 times. It crosses each name with your own. Place doll Voodoo in the dish and cover with the mixture of sugar and herbs. Stick the candle in the center of this mixture of sugar and herbs, communicate your wishes and create as much energy as possible.

Burning candle for 13 minutes. Focus now on ask everything you want for this spell. Take advantage of this time to meditate. Save the container with sugar, Voodoo doll, and any dripping wax.

Repeat the next day, for a total of 13 days.

Take the Voodoo doll and put it in a safe place and keep it there until your desires and goals have become a reality. When what you have asked yourself, be sure to thank the divinity and Erzulie to your good fortune. Returns the Voodoo doll to nature, either you bury it, or throw it into a river, Lake or ocean.

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Here ends this article about how to make witchcraft to seduce a person with a homemade Voodoo spell. You can find more information, instructions and homemade recipes love for navigating this website. Follow us on social networks to receive useful information about sorcery and white magic.

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