All about Black Magic

In today's article we will see in depth the characteristics of Black magic spells also called Dark magic, reviewing their rituals and their simpler spells, so you can have an approach to this exciting branch of the magical arts.

When we speak of the traditional black magic, known as dark magic, we refer to the use of the supernatural magical powers for evil, the domain, or personal purposes. With respect to the dichotomy about the path of the left hand or the right-hand road, the black magic is the malicious counterpart of the benevolent white magic. In modern times, some people find that the definition of "Black magic" has been distorted, since many call black magic sorcery practices that disapprove of, regardless of its origin or its effects.

Table of contents

    All about Black Magic
  • What are black magic spells
  • History of the black magic
  • Rituals of black magic
  • Black magic or dark magic applications
  • Black magic and love spells
  • Black magic and revenge spells
  • Voodoo and black magic
  • Christians and the black magic
  • The worship of the devil in the black magic and Satanism
  • Tips for practicing black magic
  • Symptoms of the black magic

What are black magic spells

You're probably wondering what is black magic? There are many discussions to determine exactly what black magic, as well as which spells and rituals, belong to this spectrum of the magical arts. All discussions focus on what makes so different from white magic black magic, or other types of magic that exist, such as the Red or the green. In simple terms, we must say that magic really does not have colors, but is channeling energy through prayers, rites, and spells. However, traditional use has divided the magic colors, using black magic for evil purposes, as damage, dominate or destroy, while the white magic is intended to protect, create and release.

This division into colors is very useful since it will allow you to decode the order of force that must be invoked and the results expected. Also, must always remember that the magic is not actually divided into colors since it is the same in each spell, mooring or work.

History of the rituals of black magic

Alchemy and the Tarot
Like other branches of magic, the origins of the black magic can be tracked to the primitive and ritual worship of spirits, described by Robert M. Place in his book of 2009 "Alchemy and the Tarot". In contrast to the white magic, Place where ve points in common with the efforts of the early shamans to achieve a closer relationship with the spirits, the rituals that have been developed to form the black magic were intended to invoke these same spirits, but to produce benefits to the practitioner himself.

Place also leaves us a wide and modern definition of the black magic and its counterpart, the white magic, preferring instead the division between high magic (white) and low magic (black) based mainly on the intentions of the practitioner who carries out sorcery. On the other hand, recognizes that this distinction between high and low magic can produce the mistake of thinking that the popular and simple spells are part of the low magic while the high magic practitioner performs ceremonies complex and expensive, does not consider the intention of the Warlock to be this totally wrong interpretation.

Magic in the Renaissance

During the Renaissance, many magical and ritual practices were considered evil and anti-religious, and by extension as part of the dark magic in its broadest sense. Both the witchcraft, tarot and esoteric studies, in general, were completely prohibited and were strongly persecuted by the Inquisition. As a result, the magic was transformed into a means of alternative thinking for many intellectuals and curious, as Marsilio Ficino, the Abbot Johannes Trithemius and Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, who advanced in esoteric studies and ritualistic despite the many persecutions.
Black Magic
While magic became popular among high and educated classes of the 16th and 17th centuries, the ritual magic and the popular magic remained subject to persecution. The author of the 20th century Montague Summers generally rejects the distinction between black magic and white, since for centuries the magic, no matter their color, was considered dark magic and cites the instructions that let William Perkins before his death in 1608: "all witches sentenced by judges must be executed". He admitted no exception and under this penalty fell "all the diviners, enchanters, sorcerers, and who call themselves wise men and women". All witches and Warlocks should fall mercilessly with this brutal judgment.

In particular, however, the term witch was used to designate those who invoked demons and evil spirits, those who hechizaban or cursing their neighbors, those who used magic to destroy crops, and all those who were able to leave their terrestrial body and travel great distances with the spirit. Summers also highlights the evolution of the term necromancer, in common use between 1200 and 1500 approximately, from the latin Niger (black) and the Greek Manteia (guess), that usually is interpreted as the "dark arts expert".

In modern times, the distinction between white magic on the one hand and the black magic, on the other hand, is much clearer, since it focuses on the intention of the sorcerer. There is also a current practicing Wicca and witchcraft which have sought to move away from those who try to practice black magic spells. Those who come to magic Wicca and Wicca with intentions community perform spells harmful or evil are hardly accepted since prevails an atmosphere of tolerance and kindness, associated with currents of auto knowledge and self-help

Rituals of black magic

During the University period, A. E. Waite collected a wide series of practices, rituals and traditions of black magic in his famous "book of la Negra and Ceremonial magic". Other practitioners have continued their ideas and have added their own list of concepts of black magic, among which we can mention:

Spells with real names: this theory suggests that the true name of a person allows us to control it, even to do him harm. The name can also be used as a connection, or to release from a work of magic. It is interesting to remember that the ancient Egyptians never revealed his real name, which was given to them at birth. The Jews did not disclose to anyone the name of God, and even today, the Popes and Kings have changed the name to assume its mandate, as remnants of these ancient traditions and superstitions about magic with the names.

Rituals of immortality: the Taoist perspective, life is finite and want to live beyond the natural limits of our body opposes the flow of nature. Anyway, always existed between many sorcerers and secret rituals to attain immortality, which generated great controversies, since to be demonstrated his ineffectiveness the Witcher practitioner should die. Many believe that even a ritual to extend life may not be good, especially if you get this survival taking energy from other living being through a spell.

Necromancy: this type of magic does not belong only to black magic spells, but any spell that includes in itself to death, both to make predictions as to try to encourage a dead body, which is different to resuscitation.

Curses and spells: a curse is something as simple as wish evil to a human being, through a complex ritual that may include candles, incense, chants, and dances, but which ultimately boils down to channel the negative forces to harm anyone.

Black magic or dark magic applications

The black magic applications are varied like the other types of dark magic. The black magic can be used to perform love spells or practice a revenge spell, for example. Or you can try an old ritual or a curse. Although you use the term "black magic spells" or the less ominous term of "dark magic", the idea is exactly the same and applies to any type of dark sorcery.

Demon witchcraft is another form of black magic which focuses on the character of Lucifer, within this type of witchcraft can find invocations, Satanic spells, and demonic curses.

The black magic is applied frequently to damage or take revenge on someone who has done us damage, never as protection or cure of a disease. Its main uses are related to the domain and the destruction, which transforms it into a practical magical a little dangerous and particular, that we must take with care and respect. Any black magic ritual must be executed within the greater caution and absolute respect for the spiritual forces which we invoke to carry it out.

Then let's look at an example of how to apply dark magic spells.

Black magic and love spells

Love spells are rare within the black magic. If a spell to a loved one leave their marriage, or a person seems not to obey his will, we are the clear presence of a work of black magic for love.

Love spells are known under the title "Love magic". Despite this, we must clarify that often not only it is love, but also jealousy, passion and any other feelings related to loving relationships. In the same way, there are many reasons why a love spell can be cast: some may feel insecure, others fear to be hurt, there are those who wish to protect your partner either start a new relationship. Is any reason, are valid reasons to seek the help of the black magic love spells through.

It is also important to understand that when we deal with love, should be with patience and extreme discretion since it's a sensitive issue. We should also bear in mind that it is cast with great effectiveness and can be used to obtain any anti-competitive effects.

Some examples of black magic and love

Black magic and revenge spells

Many times, I would say the in the vast majority of cases, who attends the rituals of black magic for revenge when it feels full of hatred toward a person. In many of these situations, you want to take revenge or vendetta against someone. One of the reasons for a decision so drastic is the impossibility of has this individual acting on their own, so it goes to the help of the powerful higher-order forces.

Later in this article will list some of the most common symptoms that present a person victim of dark magic. To advance the issue a little, we will frequently find sleepless nights, mood swings and sudden anger. A bad breath may also signal the presence of a spell of revenge.

Before any retaliation or revenge spell, we must have in mind that evil intentions that surround it are a dangerous and difficult to control power, that it can plunge us into a dark permanent if too close to us. In addition, we must always be responsible for knowing that we can cause permanent, both spiritual and physical, harm through a spell done with excessive hatred or a grudge without limits. The results of a black magic ritual for revenge with the energies without control can be completely unpredictable.

I recommend one and again perform a deep meditation and a pacification of the soul before performing any of these spells of black magic, to be in full command of our forces, our intentions, and our feelings, so that an accident occurs us during the sorcery.

The following is an example of black magic and revenge

Spell to freeze an opponent or enemy

Voodoo and black magic

The black magic is traditionally related to the use of supernatural or evil powers for personal and selfish purposes. For his part, Voodoo has also been associated with black magic, because of their relationship in the popular culture and fiction. However, while spells and curses are black magic practices widely accepted., Voodoo has its own particular history and traditions, having very little in common with modern witchcraft traditions stemming from medieval Europe, with practitioners and Gerald Gardner Aleister Crowley, while the roots of Voodoo must be sought for in Africa , through the villages of the Caribbean.

In fact, Voodoo traditions made its own distinction between black magic and white, with wizards as the Bokor, famous for using spells and rituals of one or the other source. But ultimately, the constant allusion of Voodoo curses, poisons and zombies meant that Voodoo, in general, is associated closely with black magic spells, so the black magic and Voodoo are blowing often inseparable.

Hoodoo Magic: the hoodoo religion is also related to these practices. Many Hoodoo followers use Black Magic often.

Christians and the black mass

Relations between the black magic and religion are many and varied. Beyond the bonds of the black magic with Satanism or historical persecution by Christians and the Inquisition, there are many things in common between the rituals of black magic and religion. The black mass, for example, is a sacrilegious parody of the Catholic mass. In the same way, the initiation ceremonies have many points in common with the sacrament of baptism of children.

It is said that the parish priest of century XVII Étienne Guibourg carried out a series of black masses next to Catherine Monvoisin for Mme de Montespan.

The worship of the devil in the black magic and Satanism

The influence of popular culture has made a wide range of practical magic to be taken as part of the "black magic", including the concept of Satanism. While the invocation of demons or spirits is a part accepted the black magic, this practice is different from worship or deification of these spirits.

These ideas are continuously redefined by the inclusion of treaties of Satanism in white magic spells. For example, the Treaty of the 16th century of John Dee is included in the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey, in 1969, as well as many practices, before considered as white magic, they are today included in treaties of black magic. The Church of Satan, founded around the Bible of LaVey "officially denies the effectiveness of occult rituals" but "affirms the psychological value of the rituals", marking a clear distinction between the two.

While dark magic and white magic are separated by the intention of the Witcher, Satanism does not have this division. Magic is magic, be used to cure or cause damage. Satanism, being a magician, has the ability to let us decide what is fair, then apply the power of witchcraft to achieve the goal.

Satanism is not a religion of light: a religion of the meat, the mundane and the carnal. All this is ruled by Satan, the embodiment of the left-hand path.

Read more here: Satan Rituals

Tips for practicing black magic

Black Magic is an art and like all art requires practice. Without going into details about which are the ethical issues around the practice of black magic, we will now see some basic tips to begin the practice of black magic.

Black Magic is not a field of science or religion, does not follow a set of fixed rules or a doctrine that one can learn an orderly. It's rituals that often date back to ancient beliefs and practices collected through time, seeking to attract the forces of nature to achieve a particular goal. Between these invocations, the force of nature used for selfish purposes or for its own benefit is called, generically, Black magic.

First, you must learn the names of demons, Angels, spirits, and gods, or any entity that you want to invoke.

Secondly, it is important to learn the symbols and signs of these supernatural forces.

Learn about seals (as the seal of Solomon)

Tips to improve your skills

  • Practice meditation to improve communication with the other world entities. Try different forms of meditation and concentration to achieve this level of trance.
  • Learn and practice some basic spells, making these spells again and again in order to improve. On this site, you can find many spells for beginners.
  • It broadens your perspective trying to think outside the usual framework. It tries to solve riddles and problems that keep your attentive mind.
  • Learn history and about the origins of the black magic.
  • Exercise your power of will.
  • Exercise your power of believing in things.
  • And the fundamental rule to improve and succeed is to multiply the practice and patience.

Symptoms of the black magic

A very common question among practitioners of magic is What are the symptoms of a black magick work? People that has been a victim of black magic in general, presented in the short term one or more of the following signs, typical manifestations of a work of wizardry.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Unjustified tiredness
  • Irritability
  • Unexpected loss of money
  • Disease
  • Unstable relationships

These symptoms are the most common signs that present a person who has been a victim of black magic. Bad events, bad news, or unexpectedly negative events can be key to diagnose it. It is very common that the affected person feel deeply the feeling of being constantly being observed.

Here ends this article on the Black Magic. You can continue to learn in this article on the secrets of magick, hood religion, and satanic spells.

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