Introduction to Wicca magic

Wicca magic (pronounced wika), also known as Pagan Witchcraft, is a contemporary religion. It was developed in England in the first half of the 20th century and was given to the public by Gerald Gardner in 1954. Wicca magic develops around various Pagan beliefs and thoughts of hermetic origin for their ritual practices and theological structure.

Wicca magic does not have a central authorities, as a Pope or a bishop. Central beliefs are outlined in the years 40's and 50's by Doreen Valiente and Gardner, both through published books, and teachings with people initiated. There are many variations in their central beliefs, especially to measure that wicca grew and developed over time. It is divided into a number of sects, lineages and names, which have their roots in different traditions, each with its own organization and structure. Due to this decentralized nature, there are disagreements about what actually constitutes Wicca.

Wiccan religion is duotheistic, that worships a God and a Goddess. Traditionally they are also represented as the Horned God and the Moon Goddess or White Goddess. These gods can be easily identified with similar ones of various pagan religions throughout history. For this reason, many times are invoked with the name of "The great Goddess" or "The great God", with the epithet 'Great' as a connotation of a deity or entity that contains many other gods within their own nature. These deities are seen sometimes as forces of nature rather than as characters. While the original tradition of Wicca magic refers to two gods, modern traditions have incorporated minor divinities or you have been directed to monotheism, worship of the great goddess only.

Wicca Rituals are governed by the cycle of the Moon, called Esbats and associated with the great Goddess, and the cycles of the Sun, with celebrations called Sabbats, associated with the Horned God. Most Wiccans deal with the practice of magic, although it is not always accepted.

Beliefs of Wicca Religion

Introduction to Wicca magicThe theological views of wicca are diverse. Some see the deities as literally existing entities and others see them as archetypes or symbols. There are different beliefs including Orthodox Wiccans. Apart from these different views, all agree that the gods of wicca religion are forms of ancient pre-Christian deities.

Early followers of the wicca religion adhered to the dual of the great Mother goddess and the Horned God system since his followers believed that these were the deities worshiped by the original inhabitants of Europe during the stone age, and whose veneration has been passed in secret through the centuries up to the present. These beliefs are associated with the cult of witchcraft, who have always insisted that the great God of horns there centuries before that the current religions. Gardner also argued that the names of the deities were to remain secret be revealed only to the initiated, until in 1964, it was revealed that their names were Cernunnos and Aradia, after which it should be modified.

Although different Wiccans attributed different properties to the Horned God, it is mainly associated with animals and the natural world, also as with life after death. The Mother goddess is associated with life, fertility, and spring. The deities of the wicca religion have been compared to the Taoist system of yin and yang.

Taking the words of Gardner: "the gods are real, not as people but as vehicles of power." They can be described as personifications of cosmic power, transmitted by believers and followers for many centuries"

Gardner also said that apart from the two gods of Wicca, one there was "Supreme divinity", an entity that is too complex to be comprehended by the human knowledge. Other practitioners have taken these ideas, referring to this deity as the Supreme "Logos" or "The power Max".

Many other Wiccans have adopted a vision much more polytheistic or animistic, into a universe filled with spirits. In many cases, spirits are associated with the natural world, such as fairies and the elements.

Wicca Magic

Many Wiccans believe in magic, and manipulate the force of Nature through the practices of witchcraft or sorcery. Many Wiccans agree with the definition that gives practitioners of ceremonial magic as Aleister Crowsley, who declares that magic is "the art and science of cause changes with the will". While other famous ceremonial magician, MacGregor Mathers has said that magic is "Science of the control of the secret forces of Nature".

Many Wiccans believe magic is part of Nature, and thus do not feel that witchcraft is something supernatural. Many of them believe that magic is simply to make full use of the power of the five senses. Many practitioners of Wicca Magic does not claim to know how does magic work.

During ritual practices, which often are conducted within a magic circle, Wiccans do spells or "works" in search of real changes in the physical world. The traditional wicca magic is looked for, among others, healing, protection, fertility, or avoid bad influences. Many early Wiccans, such as Alex Sanders, referred to their own magic spells such as "White magic", which were contrasted with the "black magic", which is associated with the devil and Satanism. Sanders also used the phrase "the left-hand path" to describe the evil magic, and "the right-hand path" to describe magic performed for benevolent purposes.

The core of wicca magic is the Nature and the power of the Horned God and Great Goddess.

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Here ends this article on Introduction to Wicca Magic. I hope to be useful so that you begin your path in the Wicca magic and develop these ancient beliefs within you.

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