Spell to freeze an opponent or enemy

Spell to freeze an opponent or enemy. If you are suffering for love and you have a rival or someone creating interference in your relationship with a person, this is a very powerful spell that you will be able to freeze your opponents or enemies in love, and thus simplify the task of attracting your love you. No one will be hurt, what will make this spell is to paralyze communication and love that can exist between your loved one and your rival or rivals in love.

How does this spell to freeze an opponent or enemy work?

Spell to freeze an opponent or enemy
This spell uses ice and literally serves to freeze and stop the love of other lovers, and is a traditional and powerful method for the Elimination of rivals and competitors in love. This spell to freeze an opponent is very used by witches to themselves when someone tries to steal her lovers. You can run this spell to freeze an opponent even if you don't know the name of the person.
Spell to freeze an opponent or enemy.

If you run it correctly puedes∫ be sure of certainly will stop the antics of your enemy (without damage). This spell can be released at any time and during any phase of the moon.

  • A sheet of paper.
  • A refrigerator.
  • A rest or small plastic bottle.


Step 1. Type the name of your enemy in the role. If you don't know the name of your enemy or rival, just type "All my rivals."

Step 2. Place the paper on the tray of ice cubes.

Step 3. Fill the rest with water and place it in your fridge freezer. As you put the tray in the freezer I tell this verse:

"Stay there, and do you ice,
My love finds its true course".

Step 4. Leave the paper with the name on the ice until the danger has passed. Do not allow ice to thaw.

Here ends this spell to freeze an opponent or enemy. Do not tell anyone that you've done this spell, to not create more interference, and thus to ensure its operation.

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