Love spells with Voodoo dolls

Are you looking for voodoo love spells with dolls?
In this post we'll a little about how to make a Voodoo doll and how you can use it in rituals you do from now on.

A Voodoo doll is a figure that represents energy a person, this type of witchcraft is considered dangerous because with a doll they can be destroyed life to anyone in a matter of weeks.

However as well as used to generate wrong is also often used to produce happiness, for example, you can create a Voodoo doll to remove the disease to a person, by that disease and all the bad pass of the person the doll.

Voodoo magic must be used carefully, since his practice gives power to run and a foolish person with power can cause much pain and death.

The intention of my teach you this type of ritual is none other than the help you be happy without damage or hurt someone, remember that the magic is not good or bad but can produce from a profit to a hex.

Voodoo love spells with dolls

Love spells with Voodoo dollsTo begin with the confession of the doll, the first thing that must be done is to choose elements with which will make.

These dolls can be made with multiple elements, ranging from clay to some animal skins.

I what I recommend is to do it with simple materials such as clay, fabric and fill it with rice, etc. Once the doll that should not miss is an element that possess the power of the person like nails, hair, blood, underwear, etc.

You do the doll as if it were a doll of normal, single fabric which seek to be as close to the person.

Giving life to the doll:

To run a Voodoo doll life should be given, many people think that with the mere realization of doll this is going to serve for their magical practices, but if it is not activated and releases its energy does not pass a simply doll made of fabric.
There are different rituals and spells to activate it, some are quite complex and dangerous and they are recommended for people who have some years practicing magic, but that alone I'll indicate the more simple procedure to do so.
This procedure involves placing the doll already completed on a round mirror in the light of the Moon full, side stands a black and white candle and said this incantation:
"Release your energy that may be the representation of (name of person) now everything what you do you (the doll stands) wrath to (name of person), invoke the shadows to give life to this doll, now these live (give a name to the doll)".
The doll is left over the mirror until dawn, is entered until you go to the Sun.

What can you do with the Voodoo doll:
Now you have an energy representation of the person, which you can use when you're doing a mooring or yours clothing you can tie the doll or photography, finally with the doll you can do many other things only use your imagination.

Remember not to abuse the power that now get released, only Voodoo dolls love spells must be used to produce joy in the hearts of the people, never forget them.

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Here we finish these voodoo love spells with dolls. You can continue reading this blog looking for more love spells and rituals of voodoo magic.

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