Spells with Candles: introduction and guide for using candlelight in Magic

Candlelight spells are one of the oldest practices in the realm of magic; candles are used by all sects of magical practice, including Pagan, Wicca, Satanists and also Christians; In addition to a thousand other popular religions, is known the power that has candles. Many practitioners of magic have published their perspectives and opinions on candles, either in the form of guides or books of spells with candles, or simply speculations on the subject of magic with candles. One view is that candles are as batteries; they lend their energy and strength to the spell or ritual, and also provide a source of support, there are those who suggest that the white candle is the most powerful "battery" of all candles for use during a ritual or spell.

Spells with CandlesTherefore, throughout this guide ,we will consider the use of a white candle along with any other color of candle that your spell requires, and at the same time, display the neutrality of the white candle. In moments in which a white candle is used alone, it represents the force of good, of innocence, and also a purification of the spirit, the home, and the mind; so when you use one white candle with others by its strong energy force, make sure you remember that place the white candle in this combination is total neutrality. We will see how to work spells with candles, and what colors of a candle will have to choose for each spell or ritual with candles you want to conjure up.

Before moving to the spells with candle color chart, and to give some examples of spells, it is very important to remember also, that the writing

of your own spells is usually the best way to succeed. Beginners starting with simple spells, meditation, and magic appreciation courses, may find that after a while, write their own spells it becomes natural. An important lesson must never rely 100% on the spells of others; your words have an emotional burden the feeling and energy source, - this is always part of the person writing the spell!

Make your own candle spells, once familiar with the process,-is a way of ensuring the success of your magic, because you are so giving the words your own personal power. Use spells included in our Blog as a springboard and don't depend on them, grow them and develop your own sense of magic and power. If magic is as easy as murmur the words of another person and light a candle, the world would be the dream of every fan of Harry Potter. But the magic doesn't work that way, so you roll up the sleeves, take your pen, and get ready to realize these spells with candles. Later, you can tell me right here in this Blog how do you go with this.

Also, as a short note, we refer to the 'gods' in this article too, since many pagans, Wicca, etc., prefer to invoke their own specific deities, or have different names for the gods or goddesses that invoke. Other practitioners called all the gods and goddesses, of different religions, or are instead left with a God or goddess, as a deity symbol of the religious system of your choice.

Spells with candles: color chart
Spells with Candles

Black Candle - suitable for  protection spells, these are spells to encourage the help of loved ones, or the gods, fosters the development and evolution of own wisdom, and wisdom of the gods.

Purple Candle - promotes spiritual and psychic energy.

Blue Candle - conducive to communication and the development of better skills of communication with the gods, and others; family, friends, etc.

Green Candle - promotes natural healing and productive energy, both for the physical damage as emotional. It also encourages prosperity and fertility.

Yellow Candle - represents and is conducive to happiness, pleasant memories, and a general environment more joyful. It also promotes success in various aspects.

Orange Candle - promotes creative atmospheres and feelings.

Red Candle - a high energy source for spells, represents emotions and strong passions, fosters the passion in your House and your life. Spells with candles for the love and passion are often made with red candles.

Pink Candle - feeds feelings of romance or romantic love. It is also an excellent option for spells with candles. It also represents and promotes compassion.

White Candle - represents innocence, also used for the manifestation of all kinds of spells, either physically manifesting the desire, or display an emotional feeling of oneself or others; It is also a powerful source of energy neutral.

Brown Candle - protection for pets and livestock, also favors solving political problems, and the peace in the home.

Here ends this introductory guide to spells with candles. I recommend that you continue browsing this Blog to find easy spells for love, money, health and work. You can start making your own spells following these simple and effective steps, share with your friends and share all your energy and knowledge, blessings!

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