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In today's article, we will discuss some homemade amulets for money. During hard times more and more people seek the methods of white magic and witchcraft to solve their problems of money. Many cultures have different charms and amulets for good luck and for money that you should know. Here I bring you a selection of the most effective amulets for money I've found in my years of experience.

Chinese homemade amulet to attract money and prosperity

The Chinese use to give red envelopes with money, called Hung Bao, during Chinese new year, and at weddings. They use to decorate the outside of these red envelopes with symbols of wealth and good luck. Red envelopes are used as a charm to attract money and prosperity as the Chinese considered the red as the color of luck and happiness. Most of the red envelopes that are sold for use by Hung Bao have Chinese symbols of luck and happiness on the outside. Some of these envelopes are very elegant and with designs embossed gold on a deep red background. Considered that these red envelopes Hung Bao work against evil and negative energy.

Talisman: Animals to earn money

Amulets for moneyIn Chinese astrology, the Tiger is regarded as a protector against theft. In Western culture, a rabbit's foot is considered that it attracts fortune and is widely used as a charm to attract the money. In Africa, they use crocodile's teeth to bring luck to players in the betting. Horseshoes are known to bring good luck when they hang on the wall of a house or above a threshold. Continue learning about others amulets for good luck and for money.

Taliman: Coins to attract money

Traditionally, find a one-cent coin is believed to bring luck. In Feng Shui, coins and money have a special meaning. Let's see how to make a very effective amulet for money. For this, it is important to understand that the three is a number of good fortune and the red thread activates coins Yang energies.

Bind three coins tied together with red thread. Place the coins in the biggest drawer of your office, this will ensure that your income stays constant throughout the year.

Hangs three Chinese I-Ching coins, tied with red thread, in your main door.

Tie three coins with red thread and put them in your bag or purse to activate an inexhaustible source of income.

Talisman: Crystals as amulets for money

The more experienced practitioners know that crystals are charged with energy, and use these benefits to attract money into their life easily. Some of the crystals to improve monetary situations are Amazonite, Aventurine, citrine, fairy cross, Jade, Selenite, and Tiger's eye.

Homemade amulet to attract money

This is a recipe for making an amulet for money. What we will do is create an object and give it power transmitting our energy. As in all the white magic, an amulet of money is based on the bond between you and the money power. If you recognize that money is a resource, you can adjust the spell to ask for resources rather than just money.

You will need the following for this spell:

  • A square of green fabric
  • Pepper, Borage, lavender, and saffron
  • Crystals (such as Garnet, Ruby or Emerald)
  • Three silver coins
  • Golden and silver threads

Hold three coins of silver on your hands.
Breathe in them four times and say: "to the spirits of the air I pray, bring some money to my path".

Place herbs, crystals, and coins into the fabric.
Tie the fabric as a bag. Then make eight knots in each thread.

Hide the bag in a safe cool and dark place, away from the prying for eight days.
After eight days, the money should begin to flow. Be as realistic as possible, imagine what to do with the money and the best way in which you'll use it.

Once you have made the bag, the three silver coins, and four breaths creates some vibration of the number seven, which is considered a number at the same time lucky, and spiritual.

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Here concludes this article about amulets for money. Let continue browsing this blog to discover more spells for money, love and much more, and if you think this is useful for some of your friends please share it on facebook or tweeter so they can improve their lives too. Blessings!

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