Cleaning bad energy of the body and the house

Ibad energy house cleaning methods so that you can have a more positive and healthy environment and less negativity in your life.
n this article we will see how clean bad energy and How to get rid of negative energies of the House. You will learn some simple techniques and home of

Cleaning bad energy of the body and the houseDo you imagine how you would feel if you had never taken a bath in your life? Uff! Today, society pays enormous attention to physical hygiene and this is an industry of billion dollars. What many don't pay a little attention, however, is mental cleansing.

What means cleaning bad energy?

Your energy body (or aura) also needs a good cleaning from time to time.
When was the last time you felt horribly tired after a normal day's work? Or those strange aches and pains you've had lately... And what is that feeling you had when your boss came to your side and there’s no reason for you felt suddenly uncomfortable and worried about your job?
It's a bad energy cleaning time! Let’s cleanse negative energy!

Not only to generate our own cascade of emotions and energies in our auras, also collect energy, emotions and characteristics of the situations that occur around, and nearby auras. And if they are negative, your "link" can stick to our auras. For this reason, not referring to a cleaning of bad energy, can interfere with our energy and even our relationships. The compatibility between auras is the base of attractions (and rivalries) among people, and negativity affects aura a lot.
Then, what it is aura? Why it has so much influence on life? Your aura is your spiritual body or light body, and is actually made of light. It is what you are below your skin and in your DNA: is your spirit, your eternal essence, the true you.

Your aura radiates thoughts and intentions to others, and when your thoughts are of love, other people will be attracted to you. Negative thoughts, on the other hand, are very destructive energy constructions that convey bad vibes and imply a negative aura or simply negativity. Then you will learn about the different forms of thinking and the way of how to clean bad energies.

Your aura is a spectrum of living light color and even more than your physical body, should be kept clean. People get a lifetime without clean energies, but eventually we all need... a good psychic shower.

Cleaning of bad energy of the body

Don’t get me wrong: soap and perfume will not work here, this is what you do:
Add salt to the water of the bath (or shower sponge) when you're depressed, tired, feeling scattered and not at all like yourself. Salt has an incredible power for energy body cleansing and "banishes" the bad energy not desired with ease. A dish of salt on your desk, near the bed or bath will help you absorb the negative energies and will keep you, your place of work and spiritually clean home.


The native Americans knew the sacred character of the sage plant and how the smoke of the burning of a bundle of sage serves to keep away unwanted energies and clean the auric field. This method is very effective in cleaning house of bad energy.

Bells and bowls

As well as the light that composes your Auric body is a frequency, the sound is a frequency also. Clear and vibrant tones of bells and bowls (some people also use a tuning fork for this clear air of the lowest frequencies (feelings of unhappiness or unpleasant are low frequency) and is a wonderful way to keep your clean aura!) With only a few minutes a day to use these tools of higher frequency can keep you mental and physically healthy, achieving a good cleaning of bad energy to your around.

Essential oils and other plants

Fragrance and frequency of oils and plants such as eucalyptus, pine, lavender and citrus, they all work for removing bad energy from the home and body. They serve to purify the energy in the room and, if they prepare properly for cosmetic use, they can be used on the body to help lift the mood and align your aura, thus cleaning the unwanted energies.

The sacred Bell

The shamans from around the world, for centuries have used bells sacred ceremonial spiritual work. Made from pumpkins, hooves, etc, a sacred rattle cleans the air of bad energy and leaves room for the good energies of the universe to come to his aid. The sound produced by the noise eliminates blockages of the aura, clears dense frequency and purified to anyone looking for the cleaning of bad energy of body and mind through its respected and dedicated use. Beat a rattlesnake a few minutes a day is beneficial for spiritual health.


An altar is a special place, sacred, for worship and meditation. It is an excellent complement to spiritual cleaning practices. You have one at home generates positive energy and provides a bedroom safe healing to recover from the intrusive powers and restore mental vitality. Discover How to prepare an altar for rituals. We continue seeing How to clean bad energies with other homemade methods.

Crystals and stones

Crystals generate positive frequencies, especially when transmitting them positivity; and some stones, such as Obsidian or tourmaline, protection from negative energies.

A balanced spiritual practice

Spiritual quest, meditation, prayer, and similar practices, when they are in balance, help to maintain a clean, clear and free of unwanted energy aura. (Excessive spiritual search can put you off-balance and do more harm to your aura as well.)

The grounding

This is very important today, when really few people are in contact with nature or leave their bare feet to touch the floor. Go out to spend time with nature. When you can, take off your shoes and the soles of your feet to caress the Earth: feel the love of the mother Earth again entering you. Hug a tree... of truth! The trees are very wise and old, spirits and they will always be happy to help you cleanse your body of bad energy, giving you give great strength in difficult times.

Good thoughts and feelings of love

These are your most important defense in cleaning of bad energy of the body and the House, and the surest way to have a clean and bright aura. Remember the old saying, "don't worry, be happy" and that will point the way to a bright beautiful energy body. Joy, value, a generous, positive attitude, and a heart full of love will make you shine like the Sun and the world will be a place much better!

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Here concludes this article on Cleaning bad energy of the body and the house. Continuel browsing this website to discover hundreds of homemade recipes for white magic and witchcraft, and please don't forget to share it with your friends if you find it useful, blessings!

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