Distance love spells

Distance love spells
If you are in a long distance relationship, then you know that there is the possibility of losing this relationship due to not be able to express feelings directly, by being away from your beloved. Sometimes we feel the lack of time together in this type of long distance relationships because we cannot see, talk or touch the other person. Today we will see a free distance love spell can give you the opportunity to make you reach your partner, no matter where you are, the feelings that are in your heart in an easy and effective way. If you have already done some home spells for love, then you'll see that these distance love spells are not very different and you'll see a big impact and improvement in your current relationship.

Distance love spells 

If your loved one is traveling or simply lives away from you, you can send him your love in a very special way through this spell of long distance. You will need the following items:
A stream of running water, river, sea, or any water that comes from, or lead to other natural water sources. If there is water that runs around you two, like a river flowing through their two cities, this would be ideal. You will also need a bit of rosemary, which is good for the memory.
Take Rosemary with you and see where is flowing the water. Pronounce the name of your beloved one. Be sure to see his face and feel inside you the love that you feel for that person. Then throw grass in the water stream. As the river carries Rosemary to the distance in a symbolic way, it displays how your feelings come to your loved one. Meditate for five minutes more, without thinking of anything else. It then goes back and returns home without looking back.

Here ends this distance love spell. Use according to these instructions and you will see good results in a short time. You'll see how intensifies the relationship with your partner despite the distance and how can you live without problems in a world where love is present every day and everywhere.

Continue browsing this blog to discover many more spells and love ties, as well as instructions on How to do white magic home.

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