Does Tarot online work?

I've never been a fan of the websites of free Tarot online that offer Tarot readings generated by a computer.

As an enchantress, I've tried them (do I have to lose if they're free?). But I have never taken them seriously. I mean, why would do it? Why let a program in a computer to determine my direction in life?

Well, that was until I met Gaston.

Gaston is a programmer and is also an expert in the reading of the tarot (among other things). He has a penchant for all things technology and has been able to create software that generates Tarot Readings online.
Gaston has been trying to convince me of his way of thinking - that reading computer-generated is as accurate and as accurate as any human reading.
At first, I kept myself skeptical. As I understand, a correct reading of the Tarot requires a reader of Tarot (human) that is intuitive and psychically connected with the consultant, right? And it is not necessary for a good Tarot Reading to someone who can make the psychic connections between letters and associate them with the history of the individual? Without a doubt, a computer cannot, especially when working with fixed definitions for the tarot cards and pre-programmed algorithms, and has no personal connection with the consultant.
But Gaston insisted.

Shuffling and choosing the Tarot cards

Does Tarot online work?Some free online Tarot Reading sites leave the computer to mix the deck and select the cards for you, while others allow the user to mix virtual and select full Tarot deck cards.
Gaston explained to me that, if we toyed and select letters virtually, there is a difference between doing so through a computer and do it "in person". It is the same energy that is channeled into the charts, and therefore the same result when we select the cards for reading.
In fact, most of the time Gaston uses the version of his letters of the Tarot, rather than the printed version, computer for his readings of Tarot. He says that it is convenient and mobile, you can save your results easily and return to them later or share them with others, and letters never wear out or are lost.

Interpreting the Tarot cards

Most of the Tarot Reading free websites provide individual descriptions for each Tarot card reading. Some websites, shows only a couple of short sentences, while in others, a series of more detailed paragraphs.
In a way, it's like a reading of Oracle. It gives a brief description the consultant to reflect. Sometimes it makes sense in relation to what you asked. But sometimes it does not and remains in the hands of the consultant to interpret the letters and fill the gaps. Therefore, it depends on consultant have some knowledge of the Tarot cards in order to learn more about reading, which is often not the case.
What is also missing in a computer generated Tarot Reading is the integration between the cards drawn in each session. For me, an intuitive tarot reading, precise and focused is the result not only of the interpretation of each Tarot card individually but the interpretation of all the letters as a whole. This requires an experienced and intuitive Tarot reader that not merely retransmit basic descriptions of every letter but make an appeal to his intuition to give advice and expertise to the consultant.

I don't know how a computer can provide to someone reading this. Is that it is not possible to make these same connections than a professional Tarot reader would.
Of course, Gaston is already a step forward.

He has had the idea of providing basic descriptions of the Tarot cards, and also the option to have a Royal tarotist interpreting your spin for you. Therefore, its solution is more like a hybrid model. You use the computer to mix and select letters, and then you have a real person playing the reading. Very elegant, the truth.

I guess the only problem I have with this approach is that then the Tarot Reading is interpreted a time when letters were selected. I am a firm believer that the Tarot cards capturing the energy of a point in time, and the messages are relevant to that point in time. Therefore, if you were to shuffle and select the cards today, and then someone else interprets the reading tomorrow, it may not be as accurate.

Then, does the Tarot online works?

George put me in contact with two of the Tarot readers on its website, Claudio and Rosa Maria, they would give me more information. I wanted to know how accurate were your readings with this mode.

Claudio gave this example:

"I am a clairaudient, a clairvoyant." This means that I see, hear and feel the information. I recently did an online tarot reading, and I received a wonderful response. Be clairvoyant, I heard a song. I told him that he should get up and dance. She actually dances every day and was a signal to her that was on the right track. The phrase "get up and dance" was a message with a double meaning. Get on your own feet, expect something better, get up and dance."
It is not bad!
But what about the readings of Tarot that are strictly generated by computer, and have no influence by a 'real person' for the interpretation of the same?
Well, I joined a site of tarot in line and tried a completely computer-generated reading.
It gave me an idea of some things that are moving rapidly, a new opportunity that comes up (or the fact that I have a four-month-old boy - still new!), and that we focus on the wealth and work. But I'm still not really convinced that this is as deep as they could get a "real person" doing the reading. I would I go to click on the button to get a Tarot's readers that interpret the reading for me.
Gaston suggests that this type of readings where you get a performance generated by a computer of the individual letters is useful if you are learning the Tarot cards or just want a simple and fast reading. I tend to agree. Tarot online works as a tutor of Tarot, knowing that you investigate the cards in greater depth after reading.

Am I convinced?

I can see how virtually shuffle and choose the Tarot cards might work if the consultant is doing mixing and selection by itself. But really I can't see how the interpretation of the Tarot cards is better than a reading with a real person.
The system that generates the reading isn't really the same as a reader of Tarot that is based on his intuition to interpret the messages of the letters and apply it to the situation. The computer can’t connect with your energy, see clairvoyance, or feel empathy. Not it can interact with you or answer questions, listen, or actually "read". And it seems so far away from the depth of the spiritual understanding that is needed to create accurate and intuitive readings.
That being said, I like the idea of Gaston that the consultant can select the cards for yourself and then have a real Tarot reader to interpret Chuck. It seems a good choice for me.
Try it yourself

You may try a reading generated by computer here. What do you think? Do you think online tarot works? Have you ever tried computer generated Tarot readings? Or would you prefer to stay away from them? Please, leave your comments below..

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