High Magic and low magic: what it means?

High Magic and low magic: what it means? There is a tendency in the science of the occult to refer to two types of magic: high magic and low magic. This is often interpreted as one moral judgment rather than a technical aspect. In fact, high and low words do not refer to the moral value of the magic that is made, but their technical quality.

High white magic or Ceremonial magic

Many people use the term High white magic or Ceremonial magic in the context of Hermeticism or Western esotericism to encompass a wide range of long and complex rituals of magic. It is named like that such sbecasue it includes works that are characterized by ceremonies and a number of accessories necessary to help the practitioner. It can be seen as an extension of ritual magic, and often used as synonyms. However, in this article, we will discuss the high magic in contrast with low magic.

High Magic and low magic

low magicThe terms high and low are used to indicate the source of energy used during our magical work. However, this is based on a medieval cosmology, not a real analysis of the energy. Then, we call High magic when uses pure energy, brought directly from the source, mitigated by shapes and specific rituals in order to give shape to the force, according to the intention of the magician or practitioner. Low magic draws the energy of the Earth, energy that has softened by exist in the manifest world around the magician. This could be called "Magic of Gaia" or "Earth magic".
In fact this works much better as an analogy. The high magician draws his strength directly from the center of life and light which is manifest as the Sun in our Cosmos. The bass Wizard is based on the same energy, but after that it has been absorbed and it has mutated into the Live Earth on which it is located.
If you take a sick person and applies the Sound-Color therapy, this is a ritual of high magic. To work on the person with herbs or give certain stones, this is low magic. None of them is better or more effective, they simply work in different parts of the individual. One works more directly with your physical vehicle, the other more directly with your astral vehicles. Can we say that one is better than another? It depends on the condition. Personally I would say that the two are better than one or the other, because together they have a greater chance of success.

Origins of the terms high magic and low magic

The problem when we talk about these two types of magic, comes with its origins. The lower magic is the magic of the ordinary people of the pagan peoples. This is the magic of plants and flowers, stones and trees, the magic experienced Witch and wise elders. It is common, because is easy to work at home.
The high magic use to be more intellectuals and most educated, those who are willing to learn the nuances of the power from its direct source. Working in this way, requires great concentration and learning. It is the same difference between a programmer and a simple user of computers.

This has led to a clear separation between practitioners, Tis seems sad, but very often it is real. Low magicians come to the high arts as snobs and cocky, and many of them are. But as with any generalization, there are always exceptions and should be able to see the value in both approaches.
In my opinion, witches and sorcerers, regardless of its origin or its practices, should find similarities and see how different methods can benefit all, and not putting emphasis on what makes them different or separate them. The legitimate traditions have value, whether it is to work with the magic of nature or directly with the source. A great master told me that he had very clear that low traditions and high teachings should be mixed in a single tradition of work, and that, in the past, was the original intention. I've always been with him.

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