Home-made sexual spell

Homemade sex bond. There is no need to buy the latest drugs and pills to enhance sexual potency, or subject to painful and costly plastic surgery. Everything you need you can get it with a bit of magic and enough practice. Today we will see how to make a tie sexual home for totally free and easy to do at home. This spell will make the pleasure of sex multiply with your lover or partner.

Homemade sexual spells

This spell is used to increase desire and sexual activity. It should normally be made by a woman, but it can also be modified to make a man. It will give the couple a greater degree of attraction and advantage and sexual satisfaction. These are the ingredients that you will need to make this homemade sexual spell:
Homemade sexual spell
  • Image of the person that you want to help
  • Incense
  • Red Candle
Hold the picture of your lover. Light incense you've chosen. Now turn on the Red candle. Relax and concentrate. Pronounce the following incantation:

"Goddess of love,
Grant my request.
Listen to my plea, oh goddess,
And open the doors of desire.
Feel the heat,
When will be together he and me"

Burn the man photography, using the Red candle flame.

You can invoke any deity of your choice, but make this appeal to the Goddess that refers to the love, to lust, to the female body, and / or femininity works best. You can also choose to summon a male God and a female goddess in the same spell, to reinforce the link man/woman.

As a warning, don't do this spell for purely selfish reasons or otherwise it will be counterproductive for you. There is usually some selfishness in all spell that we made, but always be careful to not want the person on which you do spell out injured or act against their will.

Here conclude these instructions about How to make homemade sexual spells. Continue browsing this website to discover hundreds of spells and free ties, and ways to fall in love with a man or woman with homemade white magic methods. Please share this spell on Facebook or Tweeter if you found this useful for some of your friends.

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