Honey to attract love

Attract love with honeyToday we will see the honey for the love spell. What to do to prepare a jar with honey to attract a man or woman in your life using the sweetener properties of this ingredient, and an effective spell to enhance the effect. You will see that it is not necessary to bathe with honey to attract the love of someone special. This spell is commonly used to sweeten someone, i.e. make it more enjoyable for you. You can use it to improve your current relationship, or even about yourself, to become a more attractive. see then How to attract love with honey.

Honey to attract love

Honey to attract love
To make the honey for the love spell, you will need:
  • A natural sweetener. In this case, we will use honey. Sugar, molasses, honey, syrup, etc according to the color of the skin of the person we are trying to influence is traditionally also used. Today honey is the most widely used.
  • A jar or container of some kind.
  • (Preferably Brown/natural color) paper and pencil or pen.

How to perform this spell with honey to attract love

First, take your paper and write the person's name to sweeten three times. Then turn the paper ninety degrees and writes your name up, three times. You must make the names intersect each other, with your loved ones at the top. After that, you focus on what you want to get with this sweetening: If you want to attract love with honey, if you want that someone be more kind with you, etc. Once you've decided it, write your desire around the names. Do this without lifting the pencil, making that the words are connected. Once you've finished writing you can return to the dot on the I and cross the T.
Now that you have your ready paper, you can fold it and sink it into the bottle that you've filled with honey. To do this, touch the honey with your fingers. After you remove your finger and pronounce aloud this incantation:

"As well as this honey is sweet. So it will be for me."

Then lick honey from your fingers and seals the bottle. After sealing the jar put it in a safe place. Then light a candle on the lid of the vial according to your situation.
  • Brown candles for situations of judicial cases.
  • Red candles to get passionate love.
  • Pink candles for love.
  • White candles for general use.

Honey to attract love

Light candles, at least once a week on the same day each week. You can try to speed up the spell (which is usually slow accumulation) if you turn on candles several times a week.

Optional elements

Personal items or objects. That is a part of the person to bewitch. Your nails, hair, etc. This usually helps to spell more successful. It also helps to get a better effect. This item should be included in the vial, wrapped in the paper's request.

Herbs or roots. You can add them to the paper also. However, only add herbs that are edible. Some examples are the petals of the Lavender, cinnamon, mint, etc.

Papers with additional requests. If you use a large jar you can add additional names as you need. Just open the jar (with care to avoid breaking the accumulation of wax), put the name in the jar and to pronounce the incantation again.) Light another candle once you do.

Here ends this spell with honey to attract love. Continue browsing this website to discover more love spells.

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