How can you avoid evil eye? 10 symptoms and remedies

The evil eye is an envious gaze directed toward a person, what can attract misfortune, illness or other serious injuries. Many people have asked me if they are cursed with the evil eye. You should know that the evil eye is not a superstitious belief but only a phenomenon of our reality, which operates on the principle of the waves of thought. When a person directs negative thought waves toward another person, this can cause that the following events in the life of the victim will be affected negatively. The power of human thought is so great that it can break a whole society. In today's article we will see in depth how works the evil eye, as well as their symptoms, and a number of remedies for the evil eye, coming from ancient traditions of the Middle East. If you feel that you have been affected and want to learn how the evil eye attacks, keep reading below.

10 symptoms of the evil eye

How can you avoid evil eyeSymptom 1: Is there a member in the family suffers from a chronic disease? The reason could be very well due to the evil eye from neighbors or other relatives. Remedy: Collect seawater in a bottle or vial and distilled water with a white cloth. After distillation, take distilled water and mix with a small amount of komiyam (cow urine). Save it in a bottle and splashes a bit of this water in the rooms of the House Tuesday, Friday, and the days of full moon and new moon. This remedy kills the evil eye that is in your home, along with any disease that has brought.

Symptom 2: Common diseases and loss of appetite in cattle. Remedy: did you know that the evil eye can also affect domestic animals? Yes, the evil eye can cause illness and loss of appetite in cows, dogs, sheep, and other animals. One of the ways to eliminate this evil eye is bathing the affected cattle using turmeric powder mixed with water.

Symptom 3: is your business through a bad streak, or don't get the success you deserve in business? Then it could be due to the evil eye from your commercial competitors. See also: spell against envy: white magic protection. Solution: To avoid the evil eye by business competitors or neighbors, place a lemon in a full glass of water. Make sure that the glass is transparent white color. Keep the bowl in a place that is very visible to people who visit your business. In addition, change the water every day. Every Saturday, removed the lemon and replace it with a new one. In this way you can avoid the evil eye which affects your business or profession.

Symptom 4: the things of value in your home are lost or break very often? It may be due to the evil eye of people who are envious of luxury in your home. Remedy: This way in as the evil eye heals is very similar to the previous one. Just put beads or colored stones in a bowl or white bottle that is visible in your home.

Symptom 5: The evil eye can affect babies, which can cause sudden illnesses. This is a common sign after someone has visited your home to see your newborn baby. Remedy: Take a pinch of salt with your hand, close the Palm that has salt and move it around the baby's head three times in the sense of the clock hands and three times in the opposite direction. Then dissolve the salt in your Palm with water. All the evil eye of the baby will be dissolved with the salt. We continue looking at other symptoms of the evil eye.

Symptom 6: does your child suffer from constant stomach pain? It can also be due to this condition. This is one of the most common remedies for the evil eye that exist. Remedy: Take a small amount of sand in the corner of the street, and mix it with mustard. Gently apply the mixture on the stomach of the affected. After applying the mixture, takes the remains and toss them into the fire. This will burn the effects of the evil eye on your children.

Symptom 7: Misfortune, bad luck, the loss of fortune and unemployed. These are some of the common effects of the evil eye. Let's see how they cure the evil eye in these circumstances. Remedy: One of the most common methods and acquaintances to remove the evil eye is having an aquarium in the House. This aquarium should remain in the main hall of the House, and must be placed on the South side of the room. See also: How to break spells: Learn how to undo a spell of witchcraft.

Symptom 8: The evil eye can easily affect pregnant women when they leave the House. There are some remedies to the evil eye you can try for these cases. The most effective then: remedy: out of the House, the pregnant woman should collect three leaves of a tree. Upon returning home, burning leaves, thus burning the evil eye with them.

Symptom 9: are you a public speaker? Are you suffering constant throat problems? This could be due to the evil eye. Remedy: Collects a sprig of religious Ficus and tie it outside your home. Take another similar branch, breaking it into three pieces and keep it in your pocket. This will serve as a remedy for the evil eye.

Symptom 10: Other symptoms of the evil eye may be problems between husband and wife and frequent fights. Remedy: For this type of problems, there are a number of objects that you can put in your home to prevent the evil eye. Some of them are: roasted alum, red peppers, green peppers, a large sea, and lemon.

Here concludes this article about how to heal the evil eye. I hope that this will be helpful and that you can prevent the evil eye in your home and beloved ones. Please continue browsing this website to learn more about white magic and witchcraft. Learn how to prevent and how to make black witchcraft and share these articles on your Social Network if you found it useful for your friends.

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