How to get rid of bad luck with white magic

In this world, there are several types of spirits: some are good, some are bad, some are natural, others are magical. All the spirits can be locked through white magic spells, but while most powerful is the spirit, more energy and concentration will be needed to make the spell work properly. Today we will see how to get rid of bad luck using spells to protect against all kind of evil spirits. Since these are spells of protection and use only white magic, there are no negative consequences can get bad results.

Get rid of bad luck

Bad luck is something everyone fears. Nobody likes to get into a streak of bad luck, and it is natural to search all types of remedies to get rid of bad luck and spirits and negative energies that can surround ourselves. Most of the people in the world believe in good luck and bad luck can affect them if they are not careful. You must also take into account that people who believe in the magic also tend to believe in bad luck. And for this, you can be more vulnerable to a spell of another person, or an attack of a spirit.

How to get rid of bad luck with white magicThere are several spells in the books and on the Internet that will ensure to protect you against all the misfortunes of the world. If you can perform spells to ward off bad luck correctly, you can then be sure that there are no bad luck that can touch you. In this article, we will see how to make a simple but effective spell for this get rid of bad luck. In this blog, you will find a lot of spells to ward off bad luck and rituals for protection.

Spell to get rid of bad luck

You will need the following for this spell:
  • A square piece of paper of 10 cm x 10 cm
  • A black marker or black ink pen
  • A pot, dish, or container fireproof
  • Materials for fire (such as logs or pine shavings)
This spell can be adapted to summon any of the elements whose energies you decide to use to work. Remember that the fire consumes, air dissipates, the clean water and land disposed of. It is recommended to do this spell during the new moon as a symbol of a new beginning.
At night, light a fire. Write the words on paper: Bad luck.

Think about the circumstances that have not gone well for you and also write them on paper. If all has gone well so far, do not write anything. Draw a large X on the paper with the black marker, by what you've written. Now you place the paper on fire and I say three times:

"Dark night, blazing fire,
My luck changes slowly.
I do that this burden fade,
Now already my life straightening".

Meditate for a few minutes, focusing on how bad luck has gone and the good power envelops you and protects you. Extinguishes fire and throw the ashes in an appropriate manner. You can use any of the methods listed below to get rid of the ashes.

Get rid of bad luck with Earth

If you decide to use the element Earth, say:

"Dark ground, cold and strong earth,
I ask that you correct this evil now.
Take all the bad luck,
Bring me joy and bring me peace".

While you say this, bury the ashes in the soil in your garden, at a park or in a pot.

Get rid of bad luck with water

If you use the water element, search for a torrent or a source of water that flows like a stream, river or sea. Ultimately a toilet can also serve.

While you take the ashes to water, say

"Pure water, running water,
Take my bad luck with you.
Take my sorrows to where you'll go".

Take the time to think about it while you're feeling with your life free of bad luck. You no longer have to continue to think "Poor me".

Get rid of bad luck with air

If you use the element of air, you can go to a place as high as you can -the top of a large hill or building- or you can go to a crossroads. If necessary, a forked road will serve.
Blow the ashes from the rooftops, and say:

"Winds of change, I can feel,
Bring bad luck away from mine.
His power in the air dissipate,
Deep wishes will be granted."

Take a deep breath and as you breathe, be aware of the new energy that you are receiving. Any of the methods of this spell to ward off bad luck will suffice to dispel bad luck, and a combination of them will be more than enough to change your life. You are, however, who has the responsibility to understand yourself and how you attract negative influences in your life.

Here concludes this article on How to get rid of bad luck with white magic spells. Continue browsing this blog to discover more articles about witchcraft, white magic, charms of love, and more. Remember to share with your friends and your contacts on facebook if you find these rituals useful. Blessings!

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