How to know if your lover is loyal: 25 emotional signals of cheating

Following these tracks to find out if your lover cheats you will discover what is what actually happens in your relationship and how to resolve these problems. Discover if your lover is cheating.

Do you want to know if your lover is loyal?

How to know if your lover is loyal: 25 emotional signals of cheatingYour lover seems to be more attentive to your needs than usually. This occurs due to the feelings of guilt that experiences the unfaithful lover in the early stages of his adventure.

Your lover starts buying you gifts - a lot of gifts. These are also behaviors of guilt; because your lover feels guilty for betraying you and treating you well makes he feels better.
The behavior of your lover is causing you a visceral feeling that something is wrong. If this happens, pay attention to your instincts. Ignoring it means that you are looking other way or not want to know the truth. You know their habits, routines and attitudes better than anyone, so you should suspect when things change.

Your lover engages in fights with you more often. Doing this gives you reason to be angry and escape from the House, and therefore the opportunity to meet with her lover. An unfaithful lover can also do this due to a mixture of emotions that is feeling to deceive you.

Your lover mentions a possible break with you when they fight or argue. He says things like: "What would do if our relationship ends?" or "if something happened to us, always love you as a friend." In general, it seems very negative about the relationship. If your lover often repeated such statements, you do well to suspect.

Your lover does not speak to you. They live together, but they do not interact. He has become cold and inconsiderate with respect your feelings.

Your lover begins to listen to music other than soon. For example, he or she always listened to pop music, but suddenly begins to listen to electronic music. Your lover may be beginning to take an interest in this type of music because it is what they listen to her lover.

Your lover lacks self-esteem. This does not necessarily mean that you will come out and have an adventure, but an insecure person often resorts to others as a guide. If your needs are not being met at home, you might find these unwanted feelings of safety in a romance with another person.

Your lover is continually criticizing another person. He is trying to make you think that that kind of person never would be of interest to him or her, although it is possible that there is actually a secret attraction that tries to cover up with this kind of attitude.

Your lover feels easily offended by comments, although they are harmless, sure you do.

Your lover not pays attention to you, your children and home life in general.

Your lover begins to close some doors when you are near, even doors before leaving open. For example, the rule of the bathroom door: many couples in long relationships often leave the bathroom door open while they do their needs, even if their lovers are close. As an affair develops, the unfaithful couple begins to close the bathroom door, distancing himself physically and psychologically of his lover.

Tracks to find out if your lover you fools

  • Your lover no longer makes you compliments on your appearance.
  • Your lover no longer says "I love you".
  • Your lover feels guilty when you do something good for him or her. To do something nice, you force him to think about what he or she is doing.
  • Your lover accuses you deceive, even if it has no evidence.
  • Your lover prefers to spend time with their friends to be with you.
  • Your lover shows no interest in the future of the relationship.
  • Your lover is no longer affectionate / to.
  • Your lover is more interested in reading a book or watching TV to talk or make love with you.
  • Your couple spoke often about the problems that a friend, neighbor, co-worker, classmate of the opposite sex or instructor is having.
  • Your lover begins to use new phrases, words or begins to tell certain jokes or express certain opinions that are unusual for him or her.
  • Your lover has been acting emotionally distant, but when ask you in this regard, does not want to talk about it and becomes very protective with his private life.
  • Your lover seems disinterested and distracted during sex.
  • Your lover speaks during sleep and mentions the name of any person in particular on more than one occasion.
  • Your lover seems scared or confused when he wakes up. This uncertainty can be caused by not sure of what bedroom or bed which has aroused.
  • The behavior of your lover is such that his friends begin to wonder if something is wrong. Close friends and family members often realize the tension or discord between you two before that you are fully aware of this.
  • Your lover sleep patterns have changed considerably, this can include unexplained fatigue, agitation, frequent nightmares and mention asleep.

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