Magic words to make spells

Magic words to make witchcraft can be easily used in any spell or ritual. Not all spells require a song or incantation, but to pronounce words with your real intention really can add power and energy to your spells. If you're doing a spell that does not have a magical chant associated in particular, you can always add your own words if you wish. On this website you will discover hundreds of recipes of spells and effective love ties, most of which use spells and magic words. In this article we will talk about the power of words and How to do spells with magic words efficiently.

Magic words to make magic

Magic words to make spellsThe words you use should make reference to what you are trying to achieve, and at the same time to be short and concise. A personal monologue of 10 minutes will not work. Most of the spells rhyme, although this is not really necessary. I prefer those that rhyme, and when I write spells with magic words I try to make that rhyme, as it is thus easier to remember them. Let's see how do you do spells with words.

Incantation for a love spell

This is the star of love spell, and although the words refer to a star, the same structure could be used for almost any type of spell. For example, you can replace the word "Star" "candle" or "fire", and thus it will adjust to any spell with a candle.

"Star of love, burning bright
I invoke you this evening so that you can help me.
Bring me here my true love
That this desire will be fulfilled."

Incantation for sleep

These magic words to make magic come from another old spell, and can be used for any type of magic that involves the sleep or dreams.

"Bring me peace
Bring me tranquility.
Delete my nightmares
And let me dream."

Spell for money

On the other hand, there are magic words to make money spells, which are very popular nowadays. We see this useful and effective spell that you can use to attract money and prosperity:

"A currency, a currency there.
Prosperity appears and grow.
I only ask this money
To be able to live happy."

Incantation for health

If you are working with any spell with candles health or just want to stay healthy, magic that you can sing there some words:

Brings the health of this body,
Heals the mind and soul to sing.
Get that I feel like new,
Full of strength and well-being.

Here concludes this article about magic words to make spells. Continue browsing this website to discover hundreds of recipes homemade love and learn How to make white magic.

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  1. Hi Amira I Love your site
    I have a question about this
    "A currency, a currency there.
    Prosperity appears and grow.
    I only ask this money
    To be able to live happy."
    We have to cast the original words or cast in latin words?? Blessings