Recipes to conquer a man

How to conquer a man? In this article, we will see how to do white magic to make a man fall in love, through some well-known easy recipes for love. You should know that there are usually 8 ways to make magic for attracts a man in witchcraft. These includes:

  • Meditations and consecrations.
  • Chants, spells, invocations and incantations.
  • Projection of the astral body or Trance.
  • Incense, drugs and alcohol herbal. Mixtures and combinations or any potion. Teas or concoctions that help in the release of the spirit.
  • Spells with music and dances.
  • Blood control (i.e., use of ropes tied around parts of the body to stop and start the flow of blood).
  • The plague (which also counts as the blood control, but for other reasons is separate).
  • Love and sex magic (in this article we will see some home-made  recipes to seduce a man).

recipe to conquer a man Recipes to conquer a man

This is a recipe to attract a man who you're really in love. This works really fast! You will need the following items to make this spell:

  • Two candles, preferably red or pink (one for you, one for your loved one)
  • Candelabra
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • A pen or pencil

Write your names on two sheets of paper that will be located under the candles. In a third paper, write both names and draw a circle around them. Place the candles to about 20 cm of distance in their respective roles, with the third sheet of paper exactly in the center.

Light your candle first and pronounce the following spell to fall in love with:

"Burn bright, burn of truth,
Heart of (your name)."

Then light another candle and say:

"Burn bright, burn of truth,
Heart of (name)."

If you have a wand, draw a figure eight around the two candles, making sure to cross exactly on the third sheet of paper each time. If you don't have one, use the human wand we all have - the index finger.
Tell in each stroke slowly:

"A meeting of two hearts,
If they ask,
they must pass."

Stop, take a deep breath, and begins again a second time. Three passes again, figure eight around the candles. Then say:

"That no one or anything,
Gets in the way
of the meeting of two hearts."

Stop, take a deep breath and begins with the third series of 3 passes. Then say:

"Two hearts beat as one.
It is my will,
And so it shall be."

Now sit and will concentrate on paper with the circle and the name of the two, the focus is the power of these recipes to conquer a man.
Visualize yourself and your lover together, being honest and true together, talking, making love, making decisions. Just you and he, in an image that you keep completely clear and powerful in your mind.
When ready, put the candles together and make them play so their flames are combined. Leave them as well, takes the role of the circle and say:

"My will is transferred.
My spell has been heard.
This is my desire, that will happen."

The circle's role in the new flame burning. It turns off only as a single candle flame. Involves candles and papers of the name on a handkerchief or paper and get rid of them.

Now we continue learning recipes to conquer a man.

Another recipe to conquer a man

spell to conquer a man
The following is an old recipe to attract a man, running through the cleaning of any emotional confusion. I.e., many times we do not know how to act since we feel overwhelmed of never-before-experienced emotions. You can use the effects of this homemade recipe to conquer a man that want to attract into your life. The ingredients that you will need are:

  • White Almond (2 drops)
  • Clear Quartz  (3 drops)
  • Aspen (5 sheets)

Put the ingredients in a container of 50ml of holy water. The stone must be a large, well-formed quartz crystal. Take it with you and play it if necessary, you can also place it on your brow over the third eye point.

You can use the following proverb for a meditation:

"On the ground, a hurricane seems chaos and total confusion.
Seen from space, it is a logical organization that has its own way.
Remember that, even in a storm of emotions, there are logic and reasons for having these feelings."

You can also use the spell of storms when you practice these recipes to conquer a man:

"Storms inside and"
storms out.
Storms up
and storms below.
In my heart
always quiet."

Here ends this selection of recipes to conquer a man. I hope that will be useful. Remember to be clear about what you want before start your spells of magic and recipes to fall in love with a man. Continue browsing this Blog to find many more resources of white magic, remember to recommend us to your friends.

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Write to me at amiraasmodea@hotmail.com once you have made the payment, and tell my what spell you need. Blessings

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