Spell of the apple to make someone fall in love

The apple is considered a fruit of utmost importance for many cultures and religions since ancient times. The apple tree is the tree whose fruits give the power of the knowledge of good and evil in Paradise. This is just one example; There are many other cases in the Greek religions and Celtic, and others in many more cultures.

But the purpose of this article is to point out that the fruit itself has a great power. Take an Apple and cut it in two halves, you will be surprised because you'll find a hidden staff in the pulp of the fruit. It is for this reason that the ancient Greeks associated the fruit with Venus, the goddess. The orbit of Venus in five conjunctions successive lower follows a pattern of a full staff . And this is the reason why Jews associated with the Apple tree with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil: staff up > good, staff down > evil.

The Apple and Apple spells contain the power of wisdom itself, and therefore, this fruit is so widely used in magic and sorcery. Let's see how Apple known spell can be used to attract into your life the love you want.

Spell of the Apple to get what you want

Spell of the Apple to make someone fall in loveIt is a very easy and effective spell, and can actually be used for anything that you may be in need at this time, not only in the romantic aspect but in every other aspect of your life.
An Apple, a beautiful Apple, and carving with a knife takes a symbol of what they want to get over it. This can be a heart if you want love, or you can even write the word "Love" in it. If you have some talent for carving, you can even write a phrase like "I want $1000", or perhaps "I am beautiful", "I'm happy". Anything you want to occurs in your life, you can write it on the beautiful Apple.

When you have finished carving what you want, take the Apple, and begins to eat it in a clockwise direction. With each bite you give, you get what you want. Now that you've eaten an Apple with your desire to you already has begun to manifest itself in your reality.
Apple to make someone fall in loveWhen you've consumed the entire apple, you can bury the seeds or you can simply dispose of them (preferably not in the trash, but on Earth). Now that the rest of the Apple is buried or on land, will be the force of nature to express your desire.

Take a few minutes to view what you have wanted. Please always remember that when you are viewing, you must see yourself as having what you want. Display as you feel happy in a marriage, or as you have the money to spend on what you wish, etc. This spell of the Apple is very powerful. Use it only if you really want something, and don't abuse.

Now let's look another spell with Apple to figure out present and future issues.

The Apple for divination spell

Apples have always been popular tools to predict the future. There are a number of traditional methods and spells with apples to see who could be your future lover.

Peel the Apple, by keeping the skin in one piece. When the skin comes off completely, let it fall to the ground. The letter that is formed is the first initial of the name of your true love.

Wait until midnight and cut an Apple into nine pieces. Take the pieces and go to a dark room with a mirror (as it is hung on the wall or a hand mirror can also serve). At midnight, he began to eat the Apple chunks as you look yourself in the mirror. When you reach the ninth piece, throw it over your left shoulder. The face of your lover should be reflected in the mirror.

If you have more than one potential lover, peel an apple and take out the seeds. Place a wet seed on your cheek for each pair. The last remaining attached to the skin represents the suitor who is your true love.

Here concludes this article on Spell of the apple to make someone fall in love. If you think these have been useful, you can leave a comment here below. And continue browsing this website to discover more homemade love recipes and secrets of white magic.

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  1. How long does it take for the first spell to work?

    1. Hi, spells don't have time, it depends on your experience, power, etc. Blessings