Spells for a man gives you money

Spells for a man gives you moneyMore than once, people asked me: "is there any spell for that man gives me money?". The truth is that Yes, there are all kinds of possible spells and charms, and today we will see how to can easily and with homemade ingredients make a spell for a man gives you money or return your money back. However, I'm going to give some advice. In this case, you will be putting your energy in a spell to force a person to gives you the money you need. Your chances of success are slim. It would be better and you will probably have better results if you just do a spell to attract money. A spell to attract the money will be much more powerful because you can receive the money through multiple paths and in various ways, without forcing anyone in particular to give you your money. One more thing, to be successful with this type of spells so that a man gives you money, you have to do it several times, not just once. Many people try to do a job of witchcraft and then abandons the idea. We must persevere if you really want to succeed. Let me then turn to the recipe.

Spells for a man gives you money

You will need:
  • A green candle
  • A photograph of this man, you will use for displaying
For this spell, you will use your projective hand. This is the hand that you normally use for hands-on activities like writing, peel the apples

and dial on the phone. It is believed that this hand is the point from which personal power flows out of our body. In this rituals, personal power is displayed leaving from the Palm or the fingers of the hand to meet a variety of magical purposes. This is also the side that tools such as the dagger and the wand should be located. Ambidextrous people can simply choose which hand to use for this. Holding the candle in your projective hand and displayed the money coming back in your life. Remember that you should not simply visualize the process of receiving the money, but visualize how that man gives you the money.

Now he recites the following incantation:

"I invoke you by Mercury, 
I invoke you by Earth, by Sun, 
by moon and by stars: 
Bring this money to me, 
bring Prosperity. 
Brings this money towards me, Prosperity. 
This money towards me,  Prosperity." 

Place the candle in its support. Light it on. Sit before it and contemplate as the flame becomes a liquid wax. Let candle release the energy that you put in it. Feels like you send this energy to the subconscious message to the person who finally will give you your money. Let the candle consume until its end. Alternatively, leaves burning during 4, 8, or 16 minutes daily.

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Here concludes this article on Spells for a man gives you money. Please continue browsing this blog to find more spells to attract money, tie a man, separate couples, and many more spells and free rituals. Don't forget to share it with your friends on facebook or tweeter if you find it useful for them, blessings!

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  1. Hello. Happy new year .
    I have a tall green candle i fallow your direction but do i have to look on it untill its end its may take hours for that what do i have to do

    1. Hi Rayhana, happy new year. Let's burn and look at it just some minutes, this is not an important part of spell. Blessings