Spells to make women fall in love whit you

You can use these white magic spells to infuse energy sources suitable for your personality in a short time. These same powers allow you to attract the perfect bride in your life. You can also use these spells to seduce married women.

These spells to woo women you serve if you are looking for a girlfriend, wife, friend, or even a "Friends with benefits" relationship. These spells are free and if you do them correctly, will make you irresistible, allowing you to attract many women into your life. IMPORTANT: This set of spells are recommended for those men who want to go out with a lot of women and have a wide variety to choose from. If at this moment you are looking for a girlfriend or wife, then I recommend you read other spells to seduce a woman.

If you are looking for the perfect woman with whom to end your life, then try this spell: spells to woo a woman forever.
Once done, this spell sends an energy that attracts the best possible woman for you and creates a relationship in your life that you complete as a man. Almost like a perfect puzzle piece. How will it happen? Well, there are a number of possible ways, but remember, when you spell will feel the attraction to that woman, just like her towards you.

Spells to make women fall in love whit you Spells to make women fall in love whit you 

To fall in love with a married woman
It takes two petals of a rose. Writes one your name, on the other petal, the woman's name.
Take an Apple and cut it into two halves, so the staff of five-pointed capsules of seeds can be seen clearly.

Take two rose petals and put them together, place them in the bottom half of the Apple.
Place the top half of the Apple on the petals to again join the Apple.
Now tied with red thread, first from one side to the other side of the block to join the two halves, while you pronounce the following incantation:

"Work is clamped so this man with this woman until the goddess deems otherwise".

Now tie a green thread ninety degrees from the Red wire and say:

"Work is clamped so this woman with this man until the goddess deems otherwise".

Now place the Apple in a dry cupboard, where will not be affected or disturbed.
Every full moon, while no one sees you, takes the Apple, and put it to the full rays of the Moon for at least one hour. Then, put Apple back where it was.

You can say something while it is in the light of the Moon, to reinforce your desire to help the spell to seduce women.

The spell of the nine

To make that a woman fall in love with you get this spell at nine in the evening, when the Moon is in Taurus. Draw the name of the person you love nine times along with yours on a pink candle. Spread the candle with a mixture of rose water and honey. Then you light the candle and let that you burn for nine minutes each night at nine for nine nights.
On the ninth night, once the candle extinguished, wrap in a cloth pink silk and bury him in a sacred place.

To make you irresistible to a young woman

For this spell to seduce women young you will need:

  • Chocolate candies
  • A dozen of red roses
  • Scented candles [Red candles with perfume of roses works best]
  • Incense [essence of roses]
  • Red wine
  • [Relaxing and instrumental] music


Prepare the room so that it is as enjoyable as it can be.
Light the candles and incense.
Save 1 single rose to give to the woman
Sprinkle the rest of the Roses around the room to draw a circle.
Place chocolate and wine on the altar.
Put some music and relaxing.

The person invited.
Ask him to come with you into the circle of roses.
Dale rose.
Offer you chocolate and wine.
Then keep a light conversation and let things happen as they should.
After the ritual:
Clean and give an offering to the gods you worship, in the form of gratitude for a ritual pleasant and romantic.

Here ends this selection of Spells to engage a woman. Continue browsing this website to find more resources of wizardry and learn about love spells.

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