Spiritual cleansing: 6 homemade tricks

It is important to balance and cleanse energy in your home as well as your personal energy from time to time. In this article we will see how to do a spiritual home cleansing, using household ingredients and simple tricks.

Cleansing spirit of Home

How can I know if my house is spiritually cleansed? There are some tests that you can do before starting with a ritual of spiritual cleansing in your home. I recommend you that walk through all the rooms of your house with the intention of detect and feel the energy present.

Spiritual cleansingDo you feel the energy light and bright?

Do you feel heavy and dark?

There are certain areas of the house that will feel thicker than others?

Do you feel chaos or confusion in any room?

How to make a spiritual cleansing

If after you use your perception, you feel that it is necessary to make a spiritual cleansing, there are several types of spiritual home cleansing you can use. I have used all these methods successfully. In a nutshell: If the energy fields in the home are stagnant, these exercises will help you to cleanse them. You should know that visitors who come and go, as well as discussions and other disruptive energies, can stay in your home and disturb harmony. That is why it is important to make at least a spiritual cleansing ritual once a month.

Spiritual cleansing: 6 homemade and easy tricks

1. cleansing with Sage

My favorite way to balance and cleanse energy at home is the traditional native American: burning Sage. Light it on and leave it burning a moment and then blow it by holding the sage about an ashtray, steps from a room to another singing this mantra: "Sacred Sage cleanses my house". I also use Sage to clear my own field of energy. The scent wakes powerful ancestral memories.

2 frankincense and myrrh

This is another very effective way of making a spiritual house cleansing. When I need to do a cleansing really very powerful, buy incense and myrrh, and coal to be burned.

It places the frankincense and myrrh, then ignites the coal and wait for the smoke to manifest itself. In a State of Holy intention, steps from a room to another while smoke cleanses spiritual energy of House. This will balance and cleanse your personal energy field too. Be sure to pour cold water on the coal once it has burned completely. Never throw a coal burning in the trash.

3. Pink blessed water

Simple, sweet and very effectively ritual to make home spiritual cleansing, is through the use of the Holy rose water. Buy the best brand of essential oil of rose you can get, more expensive oils tend to be purer, and this will be better. Roses are associated with the Holy Mother, and divine feminine energy so a sweet energy will be which bring calm to your home. Put a few drops of oil in a bottle of spray with water purified. Say a prayer over the water and bless it. Walk from a room to another spraying water and cleansing your home as well. Use this water to spray around your own. This is very refreshing and easy to make.

4. the power of the angels

All the archangels and their personal angels are at your service and ready to be helping you. The Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel are under your command. Request the power of these angelic energies to go walk with you through all the rooms of your home. It displays how the divine light balances and cleanses every square inch of the House. Imagine these angelic beings in a circle to your around and bathing you with light.

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5. the power of Jesus

You don't need to be of the Christian faith to make use of this power. It works for any faith. I always use what I work best, and this works. If you've detected the presence of really dark energies in your home or around you, is time to use a power stronger than all healer: the power of Jesus Christ. When Jesus walked the Earth in physical form, the dark energies moved away from it. The same power is available to us today.
It doesn't matter what religion you are or what you believe about Jesus, is no power on the sacred name. Here is a simple sentence that can be used in the spiritual cleansing of the home:

"I appeal to the power of Jesus Christ to cleanse and liberate the dark energies of my energy field and my house. I ask the angels that they escort to these energies toward the light. Amen."

Caution: it is important not to curse or hate the dark energies. If they are negative energies, this will only give them more power - which will also put you in a State of fear, which is the opposite of love. Just to pronounce the sentence and leave in the hands of Jesus and the angels so that they sent all the dark energies out of your energy field.

6 remove a curse

TAT posture
This not is really a method of cleansing spiritual of houses, but if you feel you have been cursed in any form, you can use this exercise. The most powerful way to remove a curse is through the power of forgiveness and love. Feel frustration or resentment is not the best way to get out of this, only the love you away from the curse. Keep in mind that a "curse" may be simply the energetic manifestation of thoughts of envy or hatred that someone has directed towards you. This may create a pattern of chaotic energy.

To do this we will use TAT energy therapy. Put your hands in the TAT position (see photo) and say:

"I am cursed."

Let the feelings coming to the surface and continues with the treatment.

"I ask the divine light that helps me in the complete forgiveness of this person, or people, known or unknown.
I release any need to get sympathy or attention due to these conditions.
I ask and beg the divine light and love to cleanse and balance my energy field, my physical body, mental body, and spiritual body.
I release any effect of this curse to light completely.
I ask the divine light to fill my being with the power of continuous forgiveness. I am very grateful. Amen".

Here concludes this article on how to make a spiritual cleansing in the home. I hope that it will be useful. Continue navigating the blog to discover home remedies of white magic, black magic, love spells , and much more. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates from this blog and share it with your friends.

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